Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Recap

In 2015, I learned that you need to be content with what you have while working for what you want. 

I made new friends.

I watched my brother graduate from college.

I watched my sister get her license.

I watched my kindergarten teacher retire after 44 years.

I finished my first year of teaching.

I landed dream job number one, after years of prayer and yearning.

I realized that the comfort zone might not necessarily be the best place to be, no matter how wonderful it can be. 

I became physically stronger through fitness...

And spiritually stronger through scripture and prayer. 

I learned a lot more than I thought I would ever learn about real estate and buying a house. 

I went camping for the first time. 

I fell in love with New York City. 

I went to my first Broadway show. 
(And almost threw up during it)

I learned more about trusting God and his plan through prayer and closed doors and opened doors. 

I realized that I want to spend a year living out west at some point. 

I learned to let go. 

I learned to love and welcome change.

I made the firm decision not to settle out of fear of getting left behind.

My love for the mountains deepened. 

I finally got to teach The Great Gatsby. 

My sense of adventure expanded like 3,000x. 

I realized how ungrateful I can be and learned how to take steps toward fighting it. 

I learned how to rejoice in the valley. 

I learned how to truly thank God from a mountaintop. 

I became a bandwagon Panthers fan (and attended my first Panthers and NFL game). 

I ate an ungodly amount of doughnuts. 

I learned to crave simplicity more.

And on Christmas Eve - a week ago today - I decided that even when I'm wondering about myself and nothing really makes sense, I can at least know that everything is OK as long as I start crying during the Christmas Eve candlelight service at church.

Favorite songs this year: 

Still - Hillsong
Salvation is Here - Hillsong
The Matrimony - Usher / Wale
Cheyenne - Jason Derulo
Renegades - X Ambassadors 
Want to Want Me - Luke Bryan and Jason Derulo
Brother - NeedToBreathe 
Ghost - Ella Henderson
I Wanna Be Where You Are - Jackson 5
Man of Sorrows - Hillsong
Before the Throne of God Above - Selah

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