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First full year without Grandma :(

I started it off right, though, with my FIRST trip to Disney World!
(It was a long time coming)

I joined the Alpha Chi Omega family by becoming a founding member of the Kappa Omicron chapter at HPU. Made some amazing friends - an experience I'll always be grateful for.
Graduation from High Point University - bittersweet.
(Something else that was a long time coming haha)

Got accepted to & had my first semester of graduate school (and loved it!)

Spent lots of time thinking and praying about God's will for my life, and hopefully in the past few months I've gotten closer to Him and His will.

BRING IT ON, 2013!!!


Blessings All Around

Sarah, Rebecca, Ashley, and I went to Mt. Airy today (Mayberry...Andy Griffith Show...). It was a whole lot of fun! I love Mt. Airy. But the point of this post is what happened at lunch.
We were at the famous Snappy Lunch restaurant, and before eating, Ashley said the blessing, just like she always does. There were three older men at the table beside us with Bibles. Right as they were getting up to leave, one of them came up and asked where we were from and said he had heard us (Ashley) saying the blessing, and he wanted to pay for our meal. He said he thought it was great that we prayed before we ate. Well obviously, this made us really happy. But it got me to thinking... I'm not just happy that I got a free lunch. I'm happy that God uses each one of us as blessings to each other. What if we all looked for ways to be a blessing to someone? What if we gave compliments more freely? What if we encouraged one another more freely?
You never know when someone is having a bad day, a bad week,…

Christmas, Week 3

*Christmas: Week THREE!* Monday, December 17 - craft party at Granny's! We decorated stockings and made lots of other cool things! We also made cookies and talked and had a great time.

Katie's stocking

(my stocking from the craft party and Zach made one a few days later :) Then there are a lot of things that happened - I just realized I didn't take any pictures on Tuesday, Wednesday, OR Thursday. Oops. Anyway, on Tuesday, I worked... Then tutored at the library. Then Zach and I went to J&S (FAVORITE). Then Zach, Sarum, Chanelle, and I rode around Greensboro looking at Christmas lights. (I so wish I had gotten a picture of the cool ball lights in the trees!) Wednesday, December 19: Had lunch with Flash. Always a good time. Ashley and I ran errands, and later that evening, we took Granny to the Christmas event for the community at HPU. They had hot chocolate, cookies, Santa, horse-drawn carriage rides, and choirs singing. We had lots of fun. I love my alma mater :) Thursday, December 20…

Friday Five

Well it's the last Friday of 2012! How are you spending it?! Obviously I'm not doing much...just being lazy and then working later. But here are five things I'm loving today:

Hue corduroy leggings!!!! I've always seen these at Belk but never really thought about buying any. But on Wednesday, they were on sale for a really good price, so my mom and I decided to buy some to try them out. They are by far the best pants ((BESIDES VS SWEATPANTS OR YOGA PANTS)) I've ever owned. They are super comfortable but look dressy. They're perfect. I actually thought about doing a whole blog post just about these because I love them so much. Last winter, I didn't really ever wear pants because I wanted to wear boots all the time and skinny jeans aren't that comfortable to me. So I wore leggings all the time but it was hard to have enough shirts that were long enough to wear with leggings so that was a problem. The awesome thing about these is that they are thick and have POC…

On Second Thought...

So I just wrote a blog entry out of confusion/anger/discomfort/whatever (refer to previous post). Then I watched Honeygirl wake up, get out of her bed, and do "number one" on the floor, while I yelled "STOP! STOP! STOP!" There was no controlling it. For me or her. So there it is. What can I do, it's 3am. I shrugged, went upstairs, took my makeup off, put warm PJs on, and put my retainer in. And as I was doing those things, I thought about something. "Beth, you maybe shouldn't have written that blog post a few minutes ago. I know it's late and you're confused and tired and all, but don't turn into your 19-year-old "life is SO not fair" self. You've come a looooooooong way since then, and you need to show it! GOD IS IN CONTROL!" So there you have it folks. My attitude did a 360 somewhere between Honeygirl doing her business on the floor and me coming back downstairs from getting ready for bed. I don't know why some nights I'…

It's Just Not That Easy!

I promised myself I'd go to bed earlier tonight. Don't make promises you can't keep, especially when you know you write and think best late at night. For some reason, even though my eyes are puffy and burn a little, and my nasal passages are sore, and I'm cold and uncomfortable, I still choose to sit here on my laptop and listen to Honeygirl snore and drink orange juice (to load up on Vitamin C - come on immune system!) and listen to Christmas music and think and write. What am I thinking about? EVERYTHING!!!! Gosh, sometimes I wish I wasn't like this! I think so much! Why can't I go to bed like a normal person? But when I go to bed like a normal person, I ask "WHY CAN'T I STAY UP LATE LIKE I USED TO?!?!" (Because, truth be told, I usually do go to bed at a reasonable time. Only here lately have I been staying up so late like I used to.) Where is the satisfaction??? Quotes from The Notebook are currently running through my head - "It's…

Christmas & Confusion Part 2

Well with my lastpost, I didn't make it to Christmas Day because it got a little lengthy. So here's the rest! Christmas Day: My mom woke me up saying, "Santa came!" I thought about how glad I am that she still does that. Ashley and I went downstairs and looked at our stuff. I took in the moment because Christmas morning only comes once a year. I felt grateful for my gifts. I felt happy that I got Bath & Body Works stuff, just like I do every year. I do love consistency. I felt happy as I gave the gifts I'd bought. I felt satisfaction in knowing they were appreciated and loved. I felt close to my mom as we made food for lunch.
I felt super excited to see that Kathie Lee & Hoda on TV ( I guess I thought it wouldn't be, on Christmas Day haha). I did think about Christmas mornings at our old house and I do miss those times. I do miss being little and opening presents with my brother and watching Ashley open all her toys and crawl around chasing the cat with wrappi…

Christmas & Confusion Part 1

I just love Christmas. Maybe too much. No, that's not possible... But in all seriousness, the past two days have been a crazy, wonderful, emotional rollercoaster ride. Christmas Eve: The usual last-minute shopping, because I like to live on the edge and barely make my deadlines :) It just wouldn't feel right if it was any different. Then the Christmas Eve service at church. This is always one of the most special times of the whole year. It only lasts 45 minutes, but I feel like I live for those 45 minutes all year long. If I could go to a Christmas Eve service every night I would (or at least 4 times a year, come on!).  Last night, as I sat there in my comfort zone, in the dimly lit sanctuary of my cozy Baptist church, beside my sister, with my family on the pew also, a lot went through my mind. I thought about going to my aunt's later that evening, and then mass at IHM much later. I wondered what mass would be like because I'd never been before. I thought about Christmas Eves…

Christmas Lyrics

It's officially Christmas Eve!! As I sit and listen to Christmas music, I think about how powerful it is and how much I love the lyrics and what they mean. The old Christmas hymns and their ornate language and wording really get to me. They show the true meaning of Christmas. I've often been attracted and fascinated with the obscure verses of the popular hymns that we all know.  For instance, we all know "O Come All Ye Faithful" (my favorite), but mainly just the first verse. But the whole song is powerful and I love the other verses. Same with lots of other Christmas hymns. So I'm gonna take some time to post my favorite verses of my favorite Christmas songs. The ones I think are truly powerful and moving. I love the fun songs, of course. But these are the songs that truly encompass what Christmas is about - the birth of Jesus and sovereignty of God! "O Come All Ye Faithful" Yea, Lord, we greet Thee
Born this happy morning
Jesus to Thee be all glory
Word of th…

Christmas MoTD: Tiny Christmas Trees

When we were little, my brother and I always each got a Christmas tree in our room. Sometimes the trees were little and sometimes they were bigger. We spent a great deal of time decorating these trees. Unfortunately, I can't find any pictures of the ones from when we were little - the three pictured up top are from my room in 2009, 2011, and this year. Granny has gotten all of the grandchildren an ornament for every Christmas that we've been alive. She gives them to us on Thanksgiving so that we can put them on our trees that year. So I have 25 ornaments that say "Granddaughter" and the year. Besides those, I have lots of other ornaments that I've made or gotten as gifts. My brother doesn't put a tree in his room anymore (hahaha). Just me. Only now, I find the absolute tiniest tree I can find. This year I think I found the tiniest ever. Last year I used all the ornaments that I've collected or made, but in 2009 I decided to have a "Blue Christmas" …

Friday Five

I'm gonna do a "Friday Five" post for the first time! Here are five things I'm loving this Friday (for the Christmas season). Bath & Body Works Christmas scents - especially these three - Frosted Snowberry, Winter Candy Apple, and Vanilla Bean Noel. I've always loved the latter two (classics), and this year I fell in love with Snowberry!
These riding boots I got on Black Friday at Belk's. They are super warm and cozy, and stylish too.
These amazing Kim Rogers "inspirational bracelets" from Belk's.  They have Bible verses and inspirational sayings on them. What a great idea! What a way to start a conversation and share your faith - "I love your bracelets, what do they say?" There ya go!
Any red statement necklace - I think this one is my favorite at the moment. Also from Belk's. A staple in the Christmas wardrobe. Adds fun & spice to any outfit!
And I don't actually have any, but green skinny jeans are awesome for Christm…

Christmas, Week 2!

Christmas, Week Two! "The best thing about the nicest time of the year is getting to spend it with the ones you love the most!" Monday, December 10th - Boone, then back to High Point for Yamato with Zach. Then he surprised me with a ride to look at Christmas lights and a trip to Krispy Kreme!!
Christmas bow on my car - Tuesday, December 11th (I put it on there before then though). Also on Tuesday, I did a little Christmas shopping, tutored at Barnes & Noble (me and Jimmy looked at Christmas books!), and then I got to have dinner with Sarah and Holly at IHOP! Wednesday, December 12th - I spent some time at Barnes & Noble just looking at books and magazines. Ran some errands with Ashley - got some gifts at Bath & Body Works. Then church, and went to visit a special friend, Denise!
Thursday, December 13th - me and Ashley went to get Christmas trees/snowmen painted on our nails at the nail place! Then I took her to dance and when I picked her back up, we went to Kepley's…