Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas, Week ONE!

With CHRISTMAS in full-swing, here is the first week of it for me! I absolutely love this time of year.  Everything seems better, prettier, happier, more relaxing, sweeter, ... I could go on.
I truly LOVE the Christmas season. I start celebrating in mid-November at the latest. But with this post, I'll start at December 1st. Here's my Christmas so far:
The first decorations being pulled out! Saturday, December 1st!!
After working (and decorating) at Libby Hill, Ashley and I met up with Granny and friends and went to the annual Christmas musical at Green Street Baptist, the church I grew up in. ALWAYS a wonderful show!

Sunday, December 2 - lots of Alpha Chi Omega time! Then after that, a nice Sunday nap/relaxing afternoon.  A little decorating...
Monday, December 3 - My last Monday night class :/ I have thoroughly enjoyed my first semester in grad school at App, and I was sad to see that class end. But we had tons of fun as usual!
Then I went to Granny's and we watched Blake Shelton's Christmas special.
Tuesday, December 4 - Went and got my little Christmas tree for my room. Granny went with me!
Christmas cookies and decorating Granny's tree!! Ashley, Zach, my brother, Granny, and I had a blastttttt.

Wednesday, December 5 - Leanna had her last campus radio show of the semester, and I joined her.  We had a good long talk as usual! So nice to relax and catch up.
Blair and I went to see that she got a callback from auditions, and later she GOT THE PART, YAY!
Meghan and I walked her dog, Hunter! Always so much fun.
That evening, Ashley's dance studio danced at the Wake/HPU basketball game's halftime! My mom and I got free popcorn, and the game was super close. Yay for basketball games! And Ashley was SOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 6 - Boone.  Lunch downtown with Stephanie! Mast General Store. Last Thursday class.
Later that night, Waffle House with Zach.  Best meal ever - chocolate chip waffles and an angus burger with grilled onions. MMM.
Friday, December 7 - Worked at Libby Hill all day...
Here's Libby Hill, all decorated.  Heather and I started on Saturday, and she worked all week.  Libby Hill has never looked so festive.  As Quinn so eloquently put it, "It looks like PIER ONE in here!"

BUT on my break on Friday, I got to meet Jacqueline's precious baby, WYATT!! HE is ADORABLE and has the sweetest voice and I can't wait to see him again.
Saturday, December 8 - Work at Libby Hill, then sister time with Leanna! We ate at Laha and talked for a couple hours. So much fun! And she gave me a box of cupcakes she had made! She is a master cupcake maker.
Then I spent a little time with other sisters - Abbie, Laura, Tree, and Rachel :)
Then, youth Christmas party! Had to get our annual picture of Alexa, Joellyn, and I. Yummy food & great fellowship!
The night was completed with sappy Christmas love movies at Joellyn's. Perfection!

Sunday, December 9 - Church...
Finishing touches on the tree in my room, some shopping with Ashley (got some cheap Christmas decoration stuff). Went to see Granny!
Just sayin, I think this is the cutest and tiniest tree I've ever had. And I've gotten a little tree for my room every year since I was like 7. AHH!

How is YOUR Christmas going?! Hopefully it's lovely so far :)

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