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An Eventful Week/Weekend

So last week, Kacie, Michael and I had our first week in Boone together. We are currently living in a hotel because our apartment complex isn't done being built yet. Hotel life really isn't that bad! I love hotels. It was a rough week as far as adjusting to new classes and getting everything squared away for the semester during the days, but at night we all had lots of fun eating and watching movies and such. We ate at a yummy BBQ place in Blowing Rock called The Woodlands.  They had live bluegrass music. They even played "Wagon Wheel." It was awesome.
(Our hotel room)
My last first day of classes as a student! I was one of the first ones in there (for once)!
So excited for football!!
On Tuesday night, Kacie, Michael, Stephanie, and I went to Menchie's for frozen yogurt! I'd never had Menchie's before, and I think it's the best fro-yo I've ever had (I usually don't even like frozen yogurt).
I've eaten a lot of Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers here…

August 19

I think one of the reasons I like to keep up with dates is because I like to see how far I've come from year to year. What things are different and what things are the same. Both are cool; I've always preferred constants though. Changes scare me. Terrify me, even. But I'm getting better with handling change, and that's good because right now I'm sitting in a hotel room in Boone (because our apartment isn't finished) anticipating my last semester of graduate school. Hard to believe I'm almost done. I really just started a year ago.  And my brother is here, starting his journey as an Appalachian student. I'll be living in Boone for most of the next school year, and most people know what a change this will be for me, considering I never lived on campus when I went to HPU. With that being said, I wouldn't change anything. Anyway, I noticed today was August 19, and with my impeccable memory, took note of the fact that on Monday, August 19, 2002, I started …

I Started High School Ten Years Ago.

I haven't blogged in forever. And I promised myself that when I finally did blog, I would catch up on the summer - post highlights. Write about Boone. Finally pour my heart out about Libby Hill's closing in April. Of course, that hasn't happened yet, and Chanelle brought it to my attention the other night that we started high school TEN years and two days ago.  August 11, 2003. Let that sink in. I've been thinking about that a lot over the past two days. See, there are three times of the year where I get really emotional and my head becomes filled and overwhelmed with thoughts and goodbyes and nostalgia and I just want to get it all out through written word. It happens in May, August, and right after Christmas. August is always really hard because I hate to see summer go, I'm anxious about the coming school year (it'll be that way forever, haha), and I just start to think about everything. Everything there is to think about comes into my head and I can't g…