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I've Got Some Serious Catching Up to Do! (Graduations - May 4, 2013)

I realized that there is a LOT I haven't caught up on... with graduation this past May being one big thing.  On May 4, I had two graduations to attend for some very special friends. Brooke graduated Valedictorian of Laurel University! I was so proud of her. She worked so hard to accomplish this.  Her speech was perfect! It was a wonderful time for her, her family, and her friends. Onto graduation at HPU! This was very bittersweet for me, seeing as how I had walked across that very stage just a year earlier, and I was also seeing my friends graduate, knowing they were going to be leaving and going back home to different states :( I am so proud of Leanna, Meghan, Monyae, and Blair, but I miss them all terribly! I'm so glad I got to attend their graduation, though...and get pictures with them afterward! Great memories :)

After HPU graduation was Brooke's graduation party, where we continued to celebrate her success!

I am so proud of all of these girls that God has placed in my life…


I can't believe I didn't acknowledge yesterday that it was the first day of July! July is such an exciting month. I especially love the 4th of July - Independence Day! There are lots of birthdays in July as well. I'm really excited to see what this July holds! I absolutely love going into stores and seeing all the red, white, and blue and patriotic things. I love seeing fireworks stands set up in Walmart parking lots.
I love watching the fireworks every year as if I've never seen fireworks before. I even love the smell of fireworks and bug spray. I love 4th of July cookouts.
I love red, white, and blue sweets.
I love spending time with family and friends.
I love wearing patriotic outfits. I love celebrating the greatest country in the world! I'm so thankful for our country - the people who founded it, the people who fight for it, and the people who love it. God bless America! What are your plans for the 4th of July?!


MM / mm

Monday Motivation/Manicure Monday!! This week's motivation: 
This is so important to remember! Love, love, love. Love when it's hard. Love when it seems impossible. Love when you don't think others don't deserve it. Love because God first loved you. Love til it hurts. And onto my nails:

They look a bit cuter in person, but I LOVE to be patriotic, so I went with red, white, and blue with gold glitter this week :) Hope everyone has a wonderful week and an amazing Fourth of July! eBa