Monday, February 29, 2016

Shower for Goddaughter Number Two!

Yesterday I had a baby shower at the Lighthouse! I will have another goddaughter NEXT MONTH! Lovelyn will be a big sister and Brooke will have two beautiful daughters. We spent the afternoon celebrating and eating the yummiest food, made by Brooke's mother. The weather was warm and absolutely perfect!
I'm so blessed to have this family in my life. They basically ARE family to me!
So blessed and so much to celebrate. 💕


Friday, February 26, 2016

Can't See the Forest for the Trees

I feel like sometimes we think we are too educated for God...
Like we are too smart to believe in miracles or the supernatural or divine intervention or that God has a plan far greater than the one we have laid out for ourselves.

The story of Jesus healing the blind man was part of our reading in John last week. I've heard this story over and over but this time I actually got into it and having the Word of Life book's commentary on it helped me to see things I haven't noticed or thought about before.

It's so crazy how the religious leaders couldn't see that Jesus was the Son of God, but a man who didn't even know who He was could profess His validity after one encounter. Jesus literally healed him and made him see again, but He also opened the man's eyes spiritually.

In the book it reminds us that "often the simple must instruct those who claim to be learned."

I just really liked that and needed that reminder of the importance of childlike faith.


Dream On

One of my favorite songs is "Dream On" by Aerosmith and it came on my shuffle play this morning when I was getting ready. I'm all about dreaming big and making those dreams come true. I've always loved what Marilyn Monroe said about thousands of girls dreaming of becoming a movie star "but I'm not going to worry about them; I'm dreaming the hardest." I came across a quote today, though, ironically... "Your wildest dreams can't compare to what God has in store." It's so amazing and comforting to think that even as big as we can dream, God has plans for us that far outshine our wildest dreams if we just trust Him and His flawless plan! 🌟 
#Dreams #ChildlikeFaith


Monday, February 15, 2016

Casting Down My Idols

So I've been trying to recognize idols in my life and shopping has always been the obvious one. Duh. I'm doing great with that right now - back in December I made a goal to not buy myself ANY article of clothing until at least March and I've been successful with that so far. Shopping has always been something I struggle with, so I'm proud of myself right now.

One thing I haven't realized is an idol until the other day is...


Boone is an idol and I haven't realized it and as wonderful as it is, that's the truth. I've gotten to the point that I'm not even happy sometimes unless I'm there. I'm letting my joy and happiness be conditional, based on Boone. The Lord has made it clear that that is not where I am supposed to be right now, so I don't know why my heart is still longing for it so much. I guess it is because I had such a great time living there and grew so much in my walk with the Lord while I was in Boone. I think I got addicted to that feeling and now I crave it, and if I don't have it I'm not happy.

My pastor in Boone gave a sermon the last time I went to church there that talked about how we are put on the mountaintop to grow, but then God sends us down into the valleys to take what we have learned from the mountain into the valley. We are trained on the mountaintop (sometimes figuratively; this time LITERALLY!) and we leave the mountaintop and put our training to use.

After that message, I felt more at peace with being back in HP. Unfortunately, since then I have become increasingly more homesick to be back on the mountain. It's like i'm fighting what God wants me to do and where he wants me to be and I can't stop thinking about how I'd be so much happier if I was back in Boone (not that I am unhappy but I don't go a day without missing Boone and be addictive feeling it gave me).

What I need to do is make the best of where God has me right now, in this season, because it is definitely for a reason. I need to stop idolizing Boone, and appreciate it and savor it while I am there, but while I am here, I need to focus on doing what God has me here for!

"Forgetting the past and pressing on to what lies ahead"


Valentine's Day!

This year's Valentine's Day was pretty low-key. I gave Emery her gifts and took some cute pictures of her. We went to church, had a family lunch at J&S, and I had a little party at the Lighthouse with my middle school girls from church (and Ashley and her boo). It was so much fun, though! 
My mom and I spent most of the evening with Granny, who gave us cute little Valentine goodies as always ❤️ 
It was a very nice day.

Now I have a rant:
I've always heard so many single people call Valentine's Day "Singles Awareness Day" and dread the day and say they'll be happy when it's over but I just can't do that... If Valentine's Day is about love, it's about all kinds of love, not just romantic love! I told my students on Friday that I always celebrate Valentine's with my family, whether I'm single or not, because I love my family! Granny always gives us Valentines and we take her out. Two years ago I had a party in Boone with my girlfriends because we love each other, and V-Day is about LOVE! <3
You can celebrate with anyone you love. It's not just for people in relationships.
As long as I have my loving parents and siblings and Granny and extended family and friends and a precious puppy, best believe I will be celebrating and not pouting!

AND, we should ALL celebrate Christ's love on Valentine's Day. Without the love of God, none of us would know how to love each other at all, so on V-Day, we should focus on how loved we are by God and how he COMMANDS us to love each other:

John 13:34:
“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."

Valentine's Day makes me so happy.