Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day!

This year's Valentine's Day was pretty low-key. I gave Emery her gifts and took some cute pictures of her. We went to church, had a family lunch at J&S, and I had a little party at the Lighthouse with my middle school girls from church (and Ashley and her boo). It was so much fun, though! 
My mom and I spent most of the evening with Granny, who gave us cute little Valentine goodies as always ❤️ 
It was a very nice day.

Now I have a rant:
I've always heard so many single people call Valentine's Day "Singles Awareness Day" and dread the day and say they'll be happy when it's over but I just can't do that... If Valentine's Day is about love, it's about all kinds of love, not just romantic love! I told my students on Friday that I always celebrate Valentine's with my family, whether I'm single or not, because I love my family! Granny always gives us Valentines and we take her out. Two years ago I had a party in Boone with my girlfriends because we love each other, and V-Day is about LOVE! <3
You can celebrate with anyone you love. It's not just for people in relationships.
As long as I have my loving parents and siblings and Granny and extended family and friends and a precious puppy, best believe I will be celebrating and not pouting!

AND, we should ALL celebrate Christ's love on Valentine's Day. Without the love of God, none of us would know how to love each other at all, so on V-Day, we should focus on how loved we are by God and how he COMMANDS us to love each other:

John 13:34:
“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."

Valentine's Day makes me so happy.


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