Friday, February 26, 2016

Can't See the Forest for the Trees

I feel like sometimes we think we are too educated for God...
Like we are too smart to believe in miracles or the supernatural or divine intervention or that God has a plan far greater than the one we have laid out for ourselves.

The story of Jesus healing the blind man was part of our reading in John last week. I've heard this story over and over but this time I actually got into it and having the Word of Life book's commentary on it helped me to see things I haven't noticed or thought about before.

It's so crazy how the religious leaders couldn't see that Jesus was the Son of God, but a man who didn't even know who He was could profess His validity after one encounter. Jesus literally healed him and made him see again, but He also opened the man's eyes spiritually.

In the book it reminds us that "often the simple must instruct those who claim to be learned."

I just really liked that and needed that reminder of the importance of childlike faith.


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