Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SB50 at My New House

So I moved into my house on Thursday / Friday and Margaret and I had randomly decided to have a Super Bowl party so we had to get everything ready REAL quick. Grace was spending the night with me the night of the SB and that was going to be the last time I saw her until JULY because she leaves for Australia tomorrow to study abroad!!

So we had us a party. Margaret had the idea for a photo booth and it worked out well because my dining room is painted light blue and Panther blue (not on purpose - at Lowes it didn't look quite as bright...oh well) so the wall was a great backdrop!

We had great food - everyone brought something yummy and different. It ended up being an all-girls SB party, so we had cute cupcakes, turquoise and black rice krispies, pretty punch, AND I MADE SPINACH DIP WITH BLUE FOOD COLORING!! haaaaa ahahah. It looked gross but tasted great.
We were all pretty disappointed with the game, but the party was so much fun that it didn't matter too much. Besides, I thought Peyton Manning deserved to win one last Super Bowl.
(Now if it had been Tom Brady getting that trophy I WOULD have been upset...)

I'm really glad that my first official event at The Lighthouse was a Panther Super Bowl party with precious friends and family. :)


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