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Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend was so much fun! It started for me on Tuesday since I only had class on Monday. I had a normal, relaxing Tuesday like usual. Working out. Running errands. I also dyed my hair. On Tuesday night, I got to have dinner with Alex, Holly, and Keri! We try to get together as much as possible, but it's hard with everyone's crazy schedules, so it's great when we all have a break at the same time! On Wednesday, I did my thing - ran errands, relaxed. Then at night, Rebecca, Alex, Sarum, Shannon, Jolina and I went to the High Point University basketball game. I LOVE HPU basketball games! I didn't take any pictures though :( Afterward, Zach met us at Yamato (Japanese place where Sarum works) and we all ate. It was SO yummy, and I had been craving it for so long! at some point I got this adorable picture of Honeygirl Thanksgiving morning - we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as usual... Then went to Granny's for lunch. AND GOT TO SEE ELLIE!!! Ellie is…


Still trying to catch up... My birthday was October 30th and Halloween is obviously the 31st.  For breakfast on my birthday, Zach took me to Carcker Barrel (one of my faves). My mom took me, Granny, Ashley, and Michael to J&S for lunch (another one of my favorites). Ashley, Granny, and I went to see Brave at the $1.50 theatre since we hadn't seen it before (it was good!). My family went to Lexington BBQ for dinner! Then we came home and had cake. And found out after all these years that Honeygirl REALLY likes birthday cake...

Kenzie's birthday is on Halloween, so she had a party!
 (Her mom makes the best vegetable soup) 


Birthday Party!

I just realized that me and Sarah's birthday party was exactly a month ago today. And I STILL hadn't posted the blog about it. So here it is! It was lots of fun. Sarah and I had been talking about having a combined party since like high school since her birthday is October 16th and mine is the 30th. So this year we finally did it! On October 26, we had our costume party, complete with a hayride and bonfire. It was awesome! Scooby-Doo (Zach's cousin Sophie) & Cinderella (ME)  Prince William and Prince Charming  AXO sister Kenzie! Aww cowboy & cowgirl (Daniel & Keri)  my sister (Supergirl) & Sarah (a nerd)  the "Republican Princess" with the Royal Couple hahaha (Alex, Melissa, and Brandon)  the jack-o-lantern I made - Cinderella's carriage as it's turning back into a pumpkin at midnight!  Zach carved the one on the right hahaha  sorority sisters Elyse and Leanna...hula girl & cupcake!  royalty 

Morgan Oakes as Johnny Cash - &quo…


30 Days of Thankfulness: On day one, I'm thankful for God's UNFAILING love and grace.

Day 2: I'm thankful that I've gotten to work at Libby Hill for 3 .5 years (and counting). Good times (and free food :) Day 3: I'm thankful for all of my WONDERFUL friends. Whether I've known them for 20 years or one month, I am truly surrounded by the best people. They are there for me in the best times and in the hardest times. They laugh and cry with me. God has blessed me with the best friends I could ever ask for! ♥ Day 4: I'm so very thankful that I live in a country where I can freely and openly go to church and worship the Lord...and for Oakview Baptist Church. I absolutely love it there.  Day 5: I am thankful for Disney music. I don't care who you are or how old you are - put on some Disney tunes when you're in a bad mood and the world will seem to make a little more sense. [[If not, check to see if you have a pulse.]] Day 6: I am ever so thankful to live in the …