Thursday, October 8, 2015


October is my favorite, and I'm known to go all out for it. I think these two pictures should speak for themselves - the first is from last week. It was the warm-up PowerPoint I made for my classes. The second is my October celebration / 'outfit of the day' post from October 1st two years ago.

October is just so great. So many fun things happen. It's so beautiful outside. The weather is usually great - not too hot or too cold (when it's not raining for 11 days straight...). The leaves look gorgeous and the air is crisp. People travel and do cool festive things.
This October has already been great... excited for the rest of the month!!


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekend Report

As usual, the weekend flew by-they always do! This one was wonderful, as most of them are. It was extra special, though. :)

Friday was an early release day at school.
We went to Country BBQ and let Margaret serve us our food.
I had to go to Petsmart because Emery ran out of food and *whoops* I can't ever go in there and get JUST dog food...
So Emery ended up with a pumpkin costume and a ski vest, ha!

Church youth trip to Steak n Shake and the bowling alley, where we had a really dank private room and guess what, I'M STILL TERRIBLE AT BOWLING! But it was super fun.

I hadn't seen one in person since I was ten years old and Ashley was a lil fetus, and oh my. Seeing that little baby move was amazing. It made me so emotional! Life is so precious, and that baby seemed to already have a little personality! It was SO sweet...

I am so grateful to have been able to share in that experience with one of my very best friends and her family. That's something I'll remember forever.

And it's a GIRL!!!

We spent the rest of the day shopping and eating pizza.

Today, me and Joellyn accidentally twinned, which happens often because great minds think alike.

"Crimson, ox blood, red wine, burgundy, brick, dark cherry, maroon... Whatever you want to call it it doesn't matter, all that matters is that you get this color in your wardrobe stat. looks great on all skin tones, it's vibrant, and it is beyond perfect for the fall season."

Love. This. Color. 

The rest of the day was so great it got summed up in a FB status because #BlessingsAbound
ya know. gotta tell the world.

Bring it on, busy new OCTOBER week! 


Monday Losses and Wins

Mondays seem to be a struggle, but good things usually happen on Mondays. 
Last Monday, my day evolved a bit from the time I woke up to the end of the day.
It was like the 10th rainy day in a row and I did NOT want to get out of bed and do anything.

But then in English class, The Crucible woke everyone up! My students got really into it for the first time, which made me soooo happy because I love The Crucible! When we stopped reading for the day they said, "Can't we just keep reading?!" 
I said, "Oooooh... wait, are y'all ENJOYING The Crucible?!"
Sheepishly: "Yes..."

Dropping a Golden Corral roll on the floor was a fail...

But the pizza Alex C. and I had after school was DANK.
First time at Uncle Maddio's and I will most definitely be back. (They have a great Monday special.)

Alex got a new Jeep (we both had Jeeps in high school so it's like the old days except more luxurious!) so we took it for a spin to.......

$3.99 for a dozen glazed because the Panthers won last Sunday, and as far as I'm concerned, the Panthers need to keep winning for this reason.

We had also taken some Cookout food into KK, so I was alternating between doughnuts, chicken, and seasoned fries. 

Mondays really aren't that bad. Just uncomfy at first!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rain is an OKAY Thing (I guess)

On Saturday, I drove to Raleigh to meet up with Grace and Yadavan and go see
Luke Bryan in concert! :)

We knew it was going to rain, but I didn't care. I saw Luke Bryan in the summer of 2014 in the pouring rain in Charlotte and it was worth every minute that I stood there getting soaked. We danced in the rain and had a blast anyway. So I knew that I definitely wanted to see him again, rain or shine.

Grace was visiting her grandparents, and I got to meet them, and they were PRECIOUS.

We met up with Yadavan and two of his friends at the concert.

The concert was AMAZING. Thankfully, it didn't rain too much and it didn't rain the whole time, either. We were okay wearing our hoods most of the time.

We danced and sang our hearts out. Luke puts on a fabulous concert. They didn't name him the CMA "Entertainer of the Year" for nothing! He's so funny and awesome. He performs all his best songs and does hilarious covers of top 40 hits.

I'm so glad we went. A great time was had by all!


^^ After the concert, I was looking through our pictures and noticed that a pilgrim (?) had photobombed us.
No, we didn't know her.
I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it!! I told my 11th grade students on Monday that I had been so obsessed with our unit on The Crucible that a Puritan from Salem had followed me to the concert.