Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Five!

Happy Friday!
It's the last day of May.
Tomorrow, June starts.
I love the first day of every month, if you haven't already noticed.
Here's what else I'm loving this week:
Justin Timberlake's song "Mirrors."
Hello, everyone is in love with this song.
Everyone is in love with the whole album - 20/20 Experience.
"Mirrors" is great because it's awfully sweet, has a great beat and background tune
(that's not the right term, is it?), has totally sweet lyrics, ...
It will always remind me of riding on the interstate in Los Angeles with Chanelle and Kacie.
Leaving American Idol, headed to the Dodgers game. Leaving the Dodgers game.
Did I mention how sweet the lyrics are?
JT always does it right.
Good job, JT.

My Diamond Candle!
It came in the mail while I was in California, and the day after I got back I started burning it to get the ring out.
Yes, the ring.
Inside every Diamond Candle, there's a ring that's worth anywhere from $10 to $5,000.
Mine was a big green ring. So snazzy. No doubt a $10 ring, BUT WHO CARES?!
It's still a very cool ring and a cool concept they got goin' there.
A couple in Durham, NC started the company.
The candles are all-natural soy candles.
Mine smells great :)
(Lavender Lemon)


Today I had some Libby Hill Seafood for the first time in over a month - since my location closed down.
I was proctoring an EOG test at the middle school, and craving whitefish the whole time.
So I drove the 20 minutes to the nearest Libby Hill and got my fix.
Nicholas Sparks' book The Best of Me.
I bought it at the Charlotte airport on our way to CA, for half price since it was used.
I started reading it on the way. It was written right after Safe Haven, and if I'm not mistaken
(and I very well could be),
I THINK it might be the next movie. But who knows.
Anyway, it's kinda like Safe Haven and kinda like The Notebook at the same time.
I read it all the way back from California.
I read some at Myrtle Beach this past weekend.
I read some on the way back from Myrtle.
I finished it on Wednesday afternoon.
When I closed the book after reading the last paragraph, I sat in shock.
This book is crazy!
Nicholas Sparks never ceases to amaze.
I hope it is the next movie. I didn't enjoy this book as much as Safe Haven or The Notebook, but it was truly something.
The raw emotions, the scenarios, ...all of it kept me on the edge of my seat.
I'd recommend it.

And finally, my little green cardigan.
I had forgotten to pack a cardigan to take to LA, and it got cold at night.
So we went into Old Navy in Santa Monica and I found this sea green/jungle green cardigan on the sale rack for like $10.
I've worn it with tons of different outfits since then. It was definitely a good investment.
I might just do a whole post about it sometime :)

And that's it!
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

California Love (Part 3): AMERICAN IDOL!!!

This Thursday I'm only throwing it back to two weeks ago.
Two weeks ago today, Kacie and I were eating on the pier in Santa Monica when Chanelle texted me and said we had gotten American Idol finale tickets and we'd have to be there in an hour and a half. And we'd have to find transportation because Chanelle was at work.
Of course my initial thought was, "OH MY GOSH WE'RE GOING TO AMERICAN IDOL!!!"
My second thought was, "Oh my gosh I CANNOT go to an American Idol finale dressed in shorts, sandals, and a denim shirt, WE HAVE TO STOP AT OLD NAVY OR SOMETHING!!!!!"
But alas, we could not stop and Old Navy and here's why:
Kacie got the Yellow Cab number.
I called the Yellow Cab as we were sprinting up the colorful Santa Monica pier, weaving in and out of people who were lollygagging around.
The Yellow Cab guy said they'd be there in five minutes.
TWENTY minutes later, the Yellow Cab people were nowhere to be found.
It was now 3:20, and we had to be at Idol at 4.
My stomach was in knots.
We found another cab parked on the side of the road and informed the guy, "WE NEED TO BE AT THE NOKIA THEATRE IN 40 MINUTES. CAN YOU DO THAT?!"
He said he would try.
We hopped in.
We were freaking out in the cab, crossing our fingers and hoping we'd make it there by 4.  We were fixing our makeup and trying to look as presentable as we could for this big event.
When we FINALLY got there, we got in the wrong line to get in, but by doing that, we got to see the red carpet and all of the stars!
It was the busiest, most frantic, most exciting thing ever.  Everywhere I looked I saw an Idol celebrity or someone with a microphone or camera.  It was crazy. It was surreal.
We finally got in the right line, and after 30 minutes of agony and wondering if we were gonna make it in in time (I was stressed TO THE MAX because they were now saying we might not get in), we FINALLY got to walk into the huge auditorium in the Nokia Theatre.
Oh my gosh.
Literally, tears came to my eyes when I saw the whole stage in lights and "American Idol" across the top. I saw everything I'd been seeing on TV for ten years. I saw my 14-year-old self frantically dialing numbers to vote for Clay Aiken and various others over the years.
I was starstruck.
But more than that, I felt a dream being fulfilled.
I really can't describe it other than that...
The show was AMAZING.  Seeing it all live and in person was so crazy.  Seeing all these people in person (not up close, but close enough!!) was insane.  The music was fantastic.  It was a fabulous time.  I couldn't put my camera down. I wanted to preserve every moment.
It was really cool, too, because I'd been watching and following this season (I don't watch every season).
During a break, I went to the trendy Nokia Theatre bathroom. As I was washing my hands, I looked at my sunburnt face and wondered what I'd done to deserve to be so blessed. It was just so surreal. 
I know it's not THAT big of a deal. It's not like I was IN the show or got to meet anyone famous.
But who cares? What is fame?
I was just glad that I got to have that experience.
God knows the desires of our heart, no matter how silly or petty they may seem.
I am SO glad I got to do that.
I will never forget it.
This was my Facebook post afterward:

In the cab on the way there, FREAKING OUT.

I did the best I could taking pictures of the red carpet.
People were shouting at everyone to put their cameras away, so the up-close ones I couldn't get :/
((At one point I was two feet away from Scotty McCreery and Taylor Hicks! hahah))



Ryan Seacrest!!!


Feet still sandy from the beach

Ryan, Candice and her grandmother; Kree and her friend



Aretha Franklin singing with the top 5 girls!


The moment America had been waiting for...
Candice wins!!!

The top 12 going back to the red carpet