Thursday, May 23, 2013

Throwback Thursday - American Idol


Throwback Thursday

TEN years ago this week, I was more worried about who would win American Idol than the EOGs we were taking. I remember eating at Libby Hill and being nervous about the finale because I wanted Clay Aiken to win so bad, and I had called and voted for him about 28493 times. 
But alas, Ruben won, and my dramatic 14-year-old self went to school dressed in all black the next day. ((Tomorrow I will be substitute teaching at that same school!))
Little did I know, I'd be attending an Idol finale IN LOS ANGELES ten years later...and the High Point Libby Hill would be no more :(
 Funny how life comes full circle.
Thanks for tuning in to today's THROWBACK THURSDAY!!

Kacie and me at American Idol a week ago today!

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