Saturday, May 25, 2013


I have a BIG announcement to make :)
...........I have started my OWN business - a company called "Croakie Dokie!"
The idea started maybe a year or so ago when Chanelle was joking around and said "You should start a croakie company called 'Croakie Dokie!'" We all got a good laugh, and I thought maybe it would be cool if I wasn't so busy.
Well, a few months ago, Croakie Dokie popped back into my mind.  Being in grad school with a lighter schedule, I'd actually have time to get a business up and running.
So I talked to Zach and we started writing a business plan, and I downloaded Adobe Illustrator and worked on some designs, sent a few ideas to the manufacturers, etc etc.
In early April, we got all of the designs set and the croakies were started!
On April 24th, the croakies came in!!
As I opened the box and looked through them all, I felt so overwhelmed and excited. All of my hard work had paid off. I saw that when I looked at all 400 shiny, colorful , beautiful croakies (some were for Port Southern - Zach's company)!
They were perfect.
I opened my business with a Croakie Dokie launch party on Saturday April 27th. 
(What a roller coaster it has been - Libby Hill closed down on Friday the 26th, and I launched my business the very next day. Talk about mixed emotions!)
BUT God saw one door closing in my life and helped me open another one immediately.
I feel so blessed!



[[ Heather and Hayley made the very first Croakie Dokie purchase at LH the night before :) ]]

I am so excited about this business venture! I can't wait to see my company grow and evolve. I'm not much of a business person, but I sure am learning! This process has been eye-opening for me and I can't wait to see what else I learn and how Croakie Dokie opens doors for me.

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  1. How exciting!! Many wishes for your success!!