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Mean Girls and The Royal Wedding

Today (April 29th) was sort of a celebration of two things that are pretty interesting and cool to me - Will and Kate's anniversary (I cannot believe it's been 4 years since I watched their wedding in my pajamas while writing a paper and STRESSING OUT because it was due in like 3 hours and I had just started)  and April 30th is the Mean Girls anniversary, but since today was Wednesday, I celebrated because #OnWednesdaysWeWearPink.
I celebrated by wearing a royal blue shirt (for the Royal Wedding - I call it "Kate Middleton Blue") and a pink hat, sandals, and jewelry (it was hat day at work - spring spirit week!) I made my kids' warm-up a celebration of the day as well.
"I'm a cool [teacher]".

Even the lotion and spray I used was pink - at Crabtree Mall in Raleigh this weekend with some friends, I fell in love with one of Bath & Body Works' new scents:

So I'm a little obsessed with Will and Kate but who wouldn't be? They're so beautiful…

I Fell in Love 12 Years Ago Today...

...with Stevie Wonder!
Here's a little #MemoryMonday post to recount how it happened.
12 years ago yesterday (the 26th), my parents accompanied me and my Latin class to Chapel Hill for the annual Latin convention. I was in 8th grade, and it was one of the happiest years of my life. The Latin convention was always so much fun. That's how I came to love Chapel Hill, especially in the spring.

The next day was a Sunday, and I remember eating at Sanibel's seafood with my family and then my mom taking me to Oak Hollow Mall (God rest its soul) to use my FYE gift card (in case anyone forgot, FYE stood for "For Your Entertainment" and it was a store where people used to buy ancient things like cds, etc. And they used to have one in Oak Hollow Mall. When they actually had stores. :( ). I wanted to use my FYE gift card on a Stevie Wonder cd because I'd seen the Cosby Show episode that he appeared on, when the whole family sang "I Just Called to Say I Love You"…

My Monday in Snaps

I'd been dreading Monday because Mondays are so hard and when I got up this morning, today was no different. But once I started getting ready and got to work, I got in a really good mood. My planning period was productive so that was good. I'm now an Eagles fan, thanks to them signing Tim Tebow! I didn't even think about that getting dressed this morning. But the Eagles are more teal. But it worked. My Facebook status today: I can forget the Michael Vick ordeal for now... OFFICIALLY AN EAGLES FAN! ‪#‎bandwagon‬‪#‎nonegativecommentsplease‬‪#‎forgiveandforget‬‪#‎TeamTebow‬‪#‎packingforPhilly This morning in my time in God's Word, I loved this verse: Monday was good. It was funny. We had some good times in my classes. I made some cool (corny) jokes. We learned.

(Or seven) I got to go back to Bible study tonight for the first time in a month! It was very nice.  Me and Emery's Monday night ritual happened. Dancing With t…


Oh, I'm running to Your arms, 
I'm running to Your arms.
The riches of Your love
Will always be enough.
Nothing compares to Your embrace;
Light of the world, forever reign.

So happy that Jesus will always be enough.

#IAmTimehop - 8 Years Ago Today (on a College Visit at App)

Eight years ago today (April 14, 2007) I went on a college tour at Appalachian State with my parents. I was a senior in high school and SO confused about where to go from there. It was so cold in the mountains that I was wearing a Carhartt jacket. We ate at The Mountain House and that's when it was still on Hwy 321, where Cracker Barrel is now. I thought I was SO cool because the waitress told us that two of the guys that went to Appalachian and were eating there had left me their numbers (insert laughing-til-crying emoji here). But little ol me was TERRIFIED to go to college, and that fear of leaving what I'd always known kept me from going to App for undergrad.  Later, I would grow to love High Point University with everything in me and come to realize that it was definitely the right place for me to spend my undergraduate years. 
It's so cool to look back and know that even though Appalachian wasn't the right place for that season in my life, I can see how it served a…

Weekend Recap

Friday was National Siblings Day and everyone and their brother (hahaha get it?!) was posting pictures of them and their siblings to all social media.
Here's mine :)

Friday was also a day I'd been waiting for for a LONG time... for the longest time. :) THE LONGEST RIDE CAME OUT IN THEATRES! Me and Ashley were extras for a very short time in this Nicholas Sparks movie, and I read the book and I was so excited to see it. I love Nick Sparks and his work and I was pleased with how the movie turned out. It was also really cool to see Winston-Salem and Wake Forest in the movie. For some reason I was really weepy the whole time, which confused me because I didn't cry at all reading the book. (But it did take me forever to read it because I had to keep stopping because life got busy.) I won't spoil it for anyone, but I will say that a big part is very different from the book, and I actually really like that it is... I definitely want to see it again in theatres!

On Saturday, w…

Easter 2015

Easter 2015 was fabulous. On Saturday night, we did our traditional egg dyeing at Granny's house. We dye eggs to go in ours and our cousins' baskets every year loll. I love dyeing eggs. I love anything crafty so y'all already know. 

Easter Sunday called for lots of pictures.