Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015 was fabulous.
On Saturday night, we did our traditional egg dyeing at Granny's house. We dye eggs to go in ours and our cousins' baskets every year loll. I love dyeing eggs. I love anything crafty so y'all already know.

Easter Sunday called for lots of pictures.
Me, Mama, and Flash.
Sibling picture.
Jonathan might as well be a brother to us :)
Me and Michael were at the hospital the day he was born.
Me and JoJo.
Pic with the Easter Bunny!
(LOL sorry Cam)
Connor is clearly thrilled to be held by Ashley.
Speaking of Easter bunnies...
I realllly wish I could get emojis on here.
(insert laughing til crying emojis on all of these pictures!)
It took a few attempts to get a good pic with Emery and her ears and eggs and basket.
Sofiya saw us struggling and came to help.
Granny and Daddy
Oh yes I did.
(I got these earrings when I was little and didn't even have pierced ears and then I lost them once I had them pierced, so I never wore them. I found them the other day and decided I should take advantage of a fresh start with them.)

The birthday boy!
Emery's basket :)

Lunch and a one-year-old birthday party at Granny's, dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with my family and Flash's, Starbucks, lots of pictures, and reflecting on the love of our Savior who died for us all and rose from the dead, and is preparing a place for us in Heaven. Sounds good to me!
Hoppy Easter!


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