Wednesday, April 15, 2015

#IAmTimehop - 8 Years Ago Today (on a College Visit at App)

Eight years ago today (April 14, 2007) I went on a college tour at Appalachian State with my parents. I was a senior in high school and SO confused about where to go from there. It was so cold in the mountains that I was wearing a Carhartt jacket. We ate at The Mountain House and that's when it was still on Hwy 321, where Cracker Barrel is now. I thought I was SO cool because the waitress told us that two of the guys that went to Appalachian and were eating there had left me their numbers (insert laughing-til-crying emoji here). But little ol me was TERRIFIED to go to college, and that fear of leaving what I'd always known kept me from going to App for undergrad. 
Later, I would grow to love High Point University with everything in me and come to realize that it was definitely the right place for me to spend my undergraduate years. 

It's so cool to look back and know that even though Appalachian wasn't the right place for that season in my life, I can see how it served a wonderful purpose later in my educational career with graduate school, when it WAS the right option. The ONLY option. I can't imagine any other experience being as meaningful, needed, refreshing, memorable, ...I could go on forever.

It's crazy how far I've come and how things have come full circle in the past eight years. I cannot believe that my brother will also be a graduate of App State in less than a month!! I tear up a little every single time I think about it...

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