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Follower of Jesus Christ. Lover of people. Lover of animals. High Point University graduate. Appalachian State graduate. High school English teacher. AXΩ.

Your Dearest Wish Will Come True

Last night I went to see Seussical the Musical at Wesleyan Christian Academy with Joellyn. The play was in the chapel, where I used to sit and listen to sermons as a toddler going to church at First Wesleyan, and where I went with my class at school every Thursday afternoon for chapel service kindergarten through sixth grade. It felt so weird and cool to be back there after not darkening the doors in so long. As we watched the play, I thought of something:

This time fifteen years ago, I was a 10-year-old fourth grader anxiously waiting for my biggest dream to finally come true. I remember sitting in that chapel in the months and days leading up to Ashley's birth and thanking God for answering the prayer I'd been praying so fervently for years.
It was this time FIFTEEN years ago that we were so anxious to meet the little baby that would one day be my best friend. She was a week late, and we were getting impatient!

 I thought of these things last night - fifteen years later, b…

Rubbing Elbows With the Rich and Famous (but so much more than that)

A few weeks ago, my sister, Sarah, Alex, and I had the opportunity to meet the girl that America first knew as "DJ Tanner." Candace Cameron Bure played the oldest sister on my ALL-TIME FAVORITE SHOW, Full House. I remember watching that show when I was just a toddler, and being so obsessed. DJ was my hero. She was so beautiful and had great hair and was just...awesome. I could relate to her because I'm the oldest child in my family. Recently, I've been keeping up with "DJ" on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I have found that she's turned out to be one of the most outstanding Christians in Hollywood. Now, she is even more a role model to me, and for better reasons. She didn't lose her way like some celebrities. She didn't become a bad influence for the little girls that looked up to her. But just as important, she didn't become disenchanted with Hollywood and lose hope in the industry - she stuck it out to make a difference, and didn't j…

Platform Sandals

So I'm writing a book...
I am calling it A Walk in My Shoes for now.
It is basically my life through the shoes I've worn -- thanks to my shoe obsession.
Reading it, you'll find out it's about so much more than shoes, though.
It started as a memoir for one of my graduate classes, but I realized I had so much more than 12 pages worth of writing, and that if I expanded enough, I could TRY MY HARDEST to get it published.
The following wouldn't necessarily be the first chapter, but it would be one of them. I will definitely add more to it, but I want thoughts on what it is right now. Let me know what you think!

Platform Sandals
A few days before my nightmarish seventh grade year was over, my mom took me to the mall (at the beginning of seventh grade, I had moved from Wesleyan Christian Academy to Southwest Middle school.Going from private to public was a shock to my system, and I had made only one friend the entire year at Southwest, and she wasn’t even in all of my classes.I…

Random: That Time in 11th Grade When I Cried in the SW Parking Lot For No Reason

Whenever I leave my second job, I have to pass my old high school coming home. For some reason, last night, passing Southwest High School, I looked at the dark, empty parking lot and my mind flashed back to something I think of often. I didn't think of Friday night football games or hanging out after school with my friends. I thought of the one afternoon that I had to clean up trash in the parking lot for leadership class, and out of nowhere I just burst into tears and didn't know why. That doesn't sound SO weird, because often, girls cry and don't know why. It's just how we are! But this time was different for some reason. That semester was one of the best I've ever had - spring 2006, 11th grade. I have such fond memories of that time in my life. I realized that semester that I wanted to be an English teacher. I developed a love for country music that semester. I discovered the greatness of Rascal Flatts. I learned how to go without wearing so much makeup - that i…

UNC vs Duke - The Cuter Version

Last night was the event that could be considered the biggest basketball rivalry in the nation - UNC vs. Duke. Raised by Carolina fans, my brother, sister, and I were dressed in UNC apparel from the time we were born. I remembered this before the game last night, and dug around to try and find me and Ashley's Carolina cheerleader outfits from when we were tots. I wanted an outfit for Emery! Obvs, Ashley's outfit from when she was two years old fit little Em perfectly! Whatta charmer. My friends and I watched the game at Kevin's. There was a bit of friendly rivalry going on. Holly (my friend since middle school) and Cammie (Emery's sister) showed up in Duke outfits. We had pizza and adorable basketball cookies from Sweet Shoppe, but those got eaten before I could snap a pic. Two teams, one water bowl.  Sibling rivalry :) Watching them was almost as entertaining as watching the game. Kevin's big Husky was somewhere in the mix - the three dogs were playing - but I didn't…

A Chapter Ended

In March of 2001, a Beagle puppy came into our home. We didn't know it yet, but she would change our lives forever. One month ago, that puppy left us quietly to be with Jesus.  There is no way I could possibly adequately tell her story or put into words the joy she brought to our lives. However, I will do my best.
We are not sure how old Honeygirl was when she came to us. My cousin and her friend found the pup at a gas station. She was hungry and had possibly been abused. They knew my brother had been BEGGING for a dog, and so they brought her to us. I had never seen a cuter animal in my LIFE. This tiny Beagle ran around our living room and captured our hearts immediately. Needless to say, she became the newest member of our family. My brother, 10, was ECSTATIC to FINALLY have a dog, after begging for years. My sister was two years old and intrigued by this crazy creature that we had named "Honey," but Granny kept saying, "Here, Girl!" ...Ashley got confused and …