Friday, February 21, 2014

UNC vs Duke - The Cuter Version

Last night was the event that could be considered the biggest basketball rivalry in the nation -
UNC vs. Duke.
Raised by Carolina fans, my brother, sister, and I were dressed in UNC apparel from the time we were born. I remembered this before the game last night, and dug around to try and find me and Ashley's Carolina cheerleader outfits from when we were tots. I wanted an outfit for Emery!
Obvs, Ashley's outfit from when she was two years old fit little Em perfectly!
Whatta charmer.
My friends and I watched the game at Kevin's. There was a bit of friendly rivalry going on. Holly (my friend since middle school) and Cammie (Emery's sister) showed up in Duke outfits.
We had pizza and adorable basketball cookies from Sweet Shoppe, but those got eaten before I could snap a pic.
Two teams, one water bowl.

Sibling rivalry :)
Watching them was almost as entertaining as watching the game.
Kevin's big Husky was somewhere in the mix - the three dogs were playing - but I didn't get a good picture of the three of them!

Emery's team ended up winning, but the game was close, and a good time was had by all!!

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