Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love Shouldn't Hurt

Love post #3
Valentine's week is Alpha Chi Omega's Healthy Relationships Week!
[[AXO's philanthropy is domestic violence awareness, which is just ONE thing I LOVE about my sorority.]]
Ladies, you should never, ever put up with a guy hurting you physically (or verbal abuse).
I haven't been in a relationship where I was physically hurt, but I have friends who have, and they were fortunate to get out and move past it.
If a guy hits you, then says he's sorry and tells you he loves you, he is LYING. And most likely it will happen over and over until you make the stand and get out. And sometimes it's not that easy. Sometimes you'll need outside help to get out of the situation. But you can't keep silent - get out!
One of my very favorite books and movies on the planet is Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks
Safe Haven involves a young woman who's been in a terribly abusive marriage and has to get out before she eventually gets killed. Many AXO chapters show it for philanthrophy events. It came out on Valentine's Day last year and I saw it then. This time last year I was reading the book, trying to finish it before I saw the movie. The book REALLY stuck with me and made me think. I just can't imagine a situation like that, and hope I'd never have to.

God created us to love on each other and not hurt each other. We may feel worthless sometimes, but that's never an excuse to put up with someone who tells us we are worthless, either verbally or physically. Having healthy relationships is so important. Unhealthy relationships are a waste of time and a HUGE waste of a beautiful life.
And it's a common misconception that only women are victims of unhealthy relationships. Guys can be verbally abused to the point where they feel worthless, and that's not good either! If you're in a relationship where it gets to the point that nothing good or encouraging is said to each other and it starts to get hurtful and unhealthy, it's probably time to take a step back. God has someone out there that you can be happy with, so set your standards and wait for that!

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