Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rubbing Elbows With the Rich and Famous (but so much more than that)

A few weeks ago, my sister, Sarah, Alex, and I had the opportunity to meet the girl that America first knew as "DJ Tanner."
Candace Cameron Bure played the oldest sister on my ALL-TIME FAVORITE SHOW, Full House. I remember watching that show when I was just a toddler, and being so obsessed. DJ was my hero. She was so beautiful and had great hair and was just...awesome. I could relate to her because I'm the oldest child in my family.
Recently, I've been keeping up with "DJ" on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I have found that she's turned out to be one of the most outstanding Christians in Hollywood. Now, she is even more a role model to me, and for better reasons. She didn't lose her way like some celebrities. She didn't become a bad influence for the little girls that looked up to her. But just as important, she didn't become disenchanted with Hollywood and lose hope in the industry - she stuck it out to make a difference, and didn't just drop off the radar because of how most of Hollywood is. Regularly being in the public eye still, Candace can make much more of a difference.
Candace came to speak at a church near our town in January. She is so motivational and so inspiring. I know that she makes me want to be a more positive Christian female influence. She's also so REAL. She was so easy to talk to when we met her afterward, and the stories she told while speaking made everyone realize she's one of us. Her blog shows that she's a real mom and a real wife with real issues. I really love who she is and how she displays herself.
Meeting Candace Cameron Bure was one of the many incredibly exciting things on my life's checklist that I've been able to check off! I was freaking out when we were about to meet her!
But it was more than meeting a celebrity - it was thanking her for being such a wonderful female Christian role model for girls and women everywhere, when there are so few in this world.
She signed Ashley's purse, my boot, Alex's coffee cup, and a piece of paper Sarah had. We are gonna buy her book, we promise!!
 dream come true :)

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