Friday, February 28, 2014

Your Dearest Wish Will Come True

Last night I went to see Seussical the Musical at Wesleyan Christian Academy with Joellyn. The play was in the chapel, where I used to sit and listen to sermons as a toddler going to church at First Wesleyan, and where I went with my class at school every Thursday afternoon for chapel service kindergarten through sixth grade. It felt so weird and cool to be back there after not darkening the doors in so long. As we watched the play, I thought of something:

This time fifteen years ago, I was a 10-year-old fourth grader anxiously waiting for my biggest dream to finally come true. I remember sitting in that chapel in the months and days leading up to Ashley's birth and thanking God for answering the prayer I'd been praying so fervently for years.
It was this time FIFTEEN years ago that we were so anxious to meet the little baby that would one day be my best friend. She was a week late, and we were getting impatient!

 I thought of these things last night - fifteen years later, back in the same room, a few days before Ashley's birthday - as I sat amongst teachers I'd had in elementary and middle school, principals, and great friends. Some of these people I'd known my whole life, basically. That's such a comforting feeling - it's good to get away from home but it's also good to come back. It's so weird how things come full circle sometimes.

I thought about getting the fortune in my fortune cookie at Hunan when I was nine years old that said "Your dearest wish will come true" and how my dearest wish was to have a sister, and how we found out my mom was pregnant a few weeks later. And how in a few days that baby sister of mine will be fifteen years old, and how grateful I am that my dearest wish DID come true. And how my dreams of having a sister to take shopping and dance with and laugh with and watch movies and paint nails with came TRUE. Tears welled in my eyes as I thought about how blessed I am and my ten-year-old self sitting in those same chairs 15 years ago, not knowing just how wonderful life with that unborn baby would be.

Ashley is everything I prayed for and more. I cannot believe she will be 15 in two days.

Seussical the Musical

Ashley's 14th birthday



  1. just found your blog! loving it, definitely followed =] musical looked fun!