Thursday, May 23, 2013

California Love (Part 2): There's a Place Off Ocean Avenue

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin blogging about California.  My trip to Los Angeles last week was a dream come true, and I feel overwhelmed when I think about putting all my thoughts about it into words. 
So I will do a little at a time - events, random thoughts, whatever.
Bear with me :)
THIS POST is dedicated to me and Kacie's first encounter with the Pacific Ocean.
We were big girls and took the city bus to Venice Beach, which I'd heard about.  Crazy to see it in person!
We walked along the shore and took pictures and videos and waded in the extra cold water so that we could say our feet had touched the Pacific.
Most people know how much I love the beach, so imagine how much I loved this day.
Then we decided to walk as far as we could.  We ended up walking three miles, to the Santa Monica Pier. 
We ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant on the end of the pier.
I love the pier because it is where the opening credits for some of the Three's Company seasons were filmed.
Also, the pier has cool restaurants and rides on it, including a ferris wheel.



As we were eating at the restaurant, we got a text from Chanelle, who was at work, saying that we had gotten tickets to the American Idol finale, and we had to be there in an hour and a half...........
...To Be Continued

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