Monday, November 26, 2012

Birthday Party!

I just realized that me and Sarah's birthday party was exactly a month ago today. And I STILL hadn't posted the blog about it. So here it is! It was lots of fun. Sarah and I had been talking about having a combined party since like high school since her birthday is October 16th and mine is the 30th. So this year we finally did it! On October 26, we had our costume party, complete with a hayride and bonfire. It was awesome!
Scooby-Doo (Zach's cousin Sophie) & Cinderella (ME)

Prince William and Prince Charming

AXO sister Kenzie! Aww
cowboy & cowgirl (Daniel & Keri)

my sister (Supergirl) & Sarah (a nerd)

the "Republican Princess" with the Royal Couple hahaha (Alex, Melissa, and Brandon)

the jack-o-lantern I made - Cinderella's carriage as it's turning back into a pumpkin at midnight!

Zach carved the one on the right hahaha

sorority sisters Elyse and Leanna...hula girl & cupcake!


Morgan Oakes as Johnny Cash - "The Man in Black"

Yeahh...we tried to write on the cake ourselves...didn't turn out too well.



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