Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend was so much fun!
It started for me on Tuesday since I only had class on Monday.
I had a normal, relaxing Tuesday like usual. Working out. Running errands. I also dyed my hair.
On Tuesday night, I got to have dinner with Alex, Holly, and Keri! We try to get together as much as possible, but it's hard with everyone's crazy schedules, so it's great when we all have a break at the same time!
On Wednesday, I did my thing - ran errands, relaxed. Then at night, Rebecca, Alex, Sarum, Shannon, Jolina and I went to the High Point University basketball game. I LOVE HPU basketball games! I didn't take any pictures though :(
Afterward, Zach met us at Yamato (Japanese place where Sarum works) and we all ate. It was SO yummy, and I had been craving it for so long!
at some point I got this adorable picture of Honeygirl
Thanksgiving morning - we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as usual...
Then went to Granny's for lunch. AND GOT TO SEE ELLIE!!!
Ellie is our baby cousin and here she is eating green beans:

...and playing with a puppy!! She is SO adorable!

I put a Christmas bow on Honeygirl on Thanksgiving night :)

Then we all went Black Friday shopping, which was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!
[[But I'm gonna make a whole separate blog post about that]]
Then on Friday morning, Zach and I went to Greenville for the ECU/Marshall game. We met up with Brandon and his sister. The game went into TWO overtimes. Can you say intense?!

My sister and I continued Black Friday shopping at Belk's on Saturday morning... still got the Black Friday deals. Awesome!
More football! Also on Saturday, my friend Cameron gave us 4 tickets to the Wake Forest game. This was really nice because our friend Tommy plays for Wake, and this was his last game, and we really wanted to go! Plus I hadn't even been to a Wake game before!

After the game, Zach and I met his parents and grandparents at the "The Story" concert at the Greensboro Coliseum. It was awesome! And we ate some yummy funnel cake.

On Sunday, my brother took me, Ashley, and Ashley W. "muddin" at the mud pit in Lexington with his friend Ryan. That was something I hadn't done in a while! So much fun!

It was a very, very special weekend.
So as I sat and tried to do my homework on Sunday night at Barnes & Noble, I just kept thinking about my wonderful weekend and all the wonderful people I got to spend time with and one thought came to mind (after "I DON'T WANNA GO TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!"):
I have so much to be thankful for.

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