Thursday, July 25, 2013

I've Got Some Serious Catching Up to Do! (Graduations - May 4, 2013)

I realized that there is a LOT I haven't caught up on... with graduation this past May being one big thing. 
On May 4, I had two graduations to attend for some very special friends.
Brooke graduated Valedictorian of Laurel University!
I was so proud of her. She worked so hard to accomplish this.  Her speech was perfect! It was a wonderful time for her, her family, and her friends.
Onto graduation at HPU! This was very bittersweet for me, seeing as how I had walked across that very stage just a year earlier, and I was also seeing my friends graduate, knowing they were going to be leaving and going back home to different states :(
I am so proud of Leanna, Meghan, Monyae, and Blair, but I miss them all terribly!
I'm so glad I got to attend their graduation, though...and get pictures with them afterward!
Great memories :)

After HPU graduation was Brooke's graduation party, where we continued to celebrate her success!

I am so proud of all of these girls that God has placed in my life.  Each one has touched my life in a special way, and I'm so glad to know them all!
Each one is headed for a lifetime of success, and I can't wait to see where God leads them! And I know that no matter what the distance is between us, each one will continue to play a special role in my life :)

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