Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An Eventful Week/Weekend

So last week, Kacie, Michael and I had our first week in Boone together.
We are currently living in a hotel because our apartment complex isn't done being built yet.
Hotel life really isn't that bad! I love hotels.
It was a rough week as far as adjusting to new classes and getting everything squared away for the semester during the days, but at night we all had lots of fun eating and watching movies and such.
We ate at a yummy BBQ place in Blowing Rock called The Woodlands.  They had live bluegrass music. They even played "Wagon Wheel."
It was awesome.

(Our hotel room)

My last first day of classes as a student! I was one of the first ones in there (for once)!

So excited for football!!

On Tuesday night, Kacie, Michael, Stephanie, and I went to Menchie's for frozen yogurt! I'd never had Menchie's before, and I think it's the best fro-yo I've ever had (I usually don't even like frozen yogurt).

I've eaten a lot of Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers here. And had lots of .99 medium sweet teas.

I went home for the weekend, and on Thursday night I went with Heather and Hayley to visit our friend Angie in the hospital (pray for her!) and then we went and had pizza.
On Friday, I met Rebecca for lunch and then we went shopping! I had been craving our usual chopped sirloin, salad, and bread at our favorite spot in Archdale.
We went shopping at PB&J and got some super cute things, including these adorable braided Rainbow sandals (in the pile with my other ones - can you say obsessed?).
On Friday afternoon, I ran into Brooke, Lexie, and their mom at Red Mango and we had a wonderful time talking :) Love when that happens!
That night, my family went to eat with Rebecca and her parents. It was so nice to just eat and talk and relax! It was good to share both meals with Rebecca on Friday!
On Saturday, my family went to the funeral of a dear family friend. It was more of a celebration of a long, very fulfilled life.  This woman was truly a Proverbs 31 woman.  She was a good friend to my grandmother, and she was an asset to the whole community.
It's probably weird, but afterward, we took a picture because it's not often that we all look that decent ;)

Saturday night was girls' night!
Miranda Lambert/Dierks Bentley concert.  Sarah, Ashley, and I rode to Raleigh for it.  I've always wanted to see Miranda Lambert in concert. It was so much fun!!

On Sunday morning at church, we heard a wonderful message from our pastor (as usual), and after the service, we had lunch and a meeting for the youth leaders. At the meeting, the youth pastor showed us a quote that I really loved - one that I really needed to see right now. It affirmed everything I've been thinking lately:

Love it!!
What's weird though, is it was a pretty wonderful and eventful weekend...
But I was thinking about it yesterday - I heard the best news and the worst news all in the same weekend.
But I'll get more into that later.
Sorry if none of this made any sense. I'm trying to watch Gatsby and write at the same time :)

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