Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas, Week 2!

Christmas, Week Two!
"The best thing about the nicest time of the year is getting to spend it with the ones you love the most!"
Monday, December 10th - Boone, then back to High Point for Yamato with Zach. Then he surprised me with a ride to look at Christmas lights and a trip to Krispy Kreme!!

Christmas bow on my car - Tuesday, December 11th (I put it on there before then though).
Also on Tuesday, I did a little Christmas shopping, tutored at Barnes & Noble (me and Jimmy looked at Christmas books!), and then I got to have dinner with Sarah and Holly at IHOP!
Wednesday, December 12th - I spent some time at Barnes & Noble just looking at books and magazines.
Ran some errands with Ashley - got some gifts at Bath & Body Works.
Then church, and went to visit a special friend, Denise!

Thursday, December 13th - me and Ashley went to get Christmas trees/snowmen painted on our nails at the nail place!
Then I took her to dance and when I picked her back up, we went to Kepley's. YUM. (I love Kepley's at  Christmas).
Then Zach and I went to a surprise birthday party! Lots of fun.

Friday, December 14th - I worked during the day.
My brother found out he got into Appalachian!
Then Zach and I took Granny to the Fox 8 Holiday Concert at the coliseum. Elvis made a special appearance! They commemorated his 35th year of passing by doing an "Elvis Christmas" special at the end. It was nice!

(Leaving the concert. AWW.)
Saturday, December 15th was lots of shopping! I went to Belk's in the morning by myself, then went back with Granny, then we took Ashley, then I came home and chilled before Rebecca, Alex, and I went to eat at Alex's House, an awesome restaurant in HP, and then back to the mall to work on some shopping. Then chilled at Granny's for a while!

Sunday, December 16th - a good morning at church :)
Then lunch and getting the tree with the family (little late this year haha).
Then Rebecca took some pictures of me, Michael, Ashley, and Honeygirl on the HPU campus. The pictures are to give as gifts for family!
Later that night, Granny, Ashley, Zach, and I went to the Christmas choir concert at church and to eat at Laha.


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