Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas, Week 3

*Christmas: Week THREE!*
Monday, December 17 - craft party at Granny's!
We decorated stockings and made lots of other cool things!
We also made cookies and talked and had a great time.

Katie's stocking

(my stocking from the craft party and Zach made one a few days later :)
Then there are a lot of things that happened - I just realized I didn't take any pictures on Tuesday, Wednesday, OR Thursday. Oops.
Anyway, on Tuesday, I worked...
Then tutored at the library.
Then Zach and I went to J&S (FAVORITE).
Then Zach, Sarum, Chanelle, and I rode around Greensboro looking at Christmas lights.
(I so wish I had gotten a picture of the cool ball lights in the trees!)
Wednesday, December 19:
Had lunch with Flash. Always a good time.
Ashley and I ran errands, and later that evening, we took Granny to the Christmas event for the community at HPU.
They had hot chocolate, cookies, Santa, horse-drawn carriage rides, and choirs singing. We had lots of fun.
I love my alma mater :)
Thursday, December 20:
Went to church to help deliver food to families that needed it for Christmas.
Ran some errands.
Hung around the house for a while.
That night, Sarah, Alex, Chanelle, Sarum, Jolina, Zach, and I took our yearly trip to the Tanglewood Festival of Lights!
Always so much fun.
Friday, December 21:
The world did not end.
My mom and sister and I went to Belk to do some shopping and then had lunch at the mall.
I took Granny over to an old friend's house to visit. I love elderly people!!
I worked for a while.
Then I picked up Granny and we went through a live nativity/reenactment of the Christmas story at a local church. They had free apple cider and cookies. It was so nice.
We rode around and looked at lights.
Then went back to Granny's and watched Michael Buble's Christmas special!
Later, Chanelle, Sarum, and I did some late night Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart.
Saturday, December 22:
I mainly worked all day, but afterward, Zach and I hit up Belk since it was open til midnight.
Christmas nails
Sunday, December 23:
Took pictures in our Sunday Christmas best :)

Honeygirl trying to recover. She's been so sick all week :(

Also on Sunday, Ashley and I went to a Christmas play at a tiny local church. We didn't really know anyone there - just decided to stop in because we had seen the sign for it. It was so sweet. I really loved it.
Christmas party at my uncle's!

Monday, December 24:
Honeygirl watching "The Year Without a Santa Claus" while sick :(

The rest of these pictures are also from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I've already written all I can write about them, so I'll just provide the links if you wanna read about those.

To read all about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, go here:

(Christmas Eve)

(Christmas Day)
at my aunt's with my cousin's dog and my other cousin's baby!


dish I made for Christmas lunch - pineapples & sweet potatoes

Honeygirl and the toys Santa brought her



We rode and looked at lights and saw these awesome huge trees in people's yards. Hope they don't mind that we took pictures with them!

I got some nifty gift cards this year :)
Christmas was wonderful.

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