Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blessings All Around

 Sarah, Rebecca, Ashley, and I went to Mt. Airy today (Mayberry...Andy Griffith Show...).
It was a whole lot of fun! I love Mt. Airy.
But the point of this post is what happened at lunch.
We were at the famous Snappy Lunch restaurant, and before eating, Ashley said the blessing, just like she always does.
There were three older men at the table beside us with Bibles. Right as they were getting up to leave, one of them came up and asked where we were from and said he had heard us (Ashley) saying the blessing, and he wanted to pay for our meal. He said he thought it was great that we prayed before we ate.
Well obviously, this made us really happy. But it got me to thinking...
I'm not just happy that I got a free lunch. I'm happy that God uses each one of us as blessings to each other.
What if we all looked for ways to be a blessing to someone?
What if we gave compliments more freely?
What if we encouraged one another more freely?
You never know when someone is having a bad day, a bad week, a bad month, anything. And a little compliment or word of encouragement can go a long way. It can completely turn someone's day around.
In this world, there is so much sin and anger and hurt that when someone does something good for someone (i.e. the NYC cop giving the homeless man some shoes), everyone takes notice.
That's great!
But it shouldn't be so shocking and unusual. We should all go out of our way for someone who needs a little bit of help or encouragement.
Also, always show that you care. I think often times, we think things in our heads that never come out as words when they really should.
If you care about someone, tell them!
If someone brightened your day, tell them!
If so-and-so's hair looks good today, tell them!
If you love someone, remind them all the time!
We aren't guaranteed another day or hour or minute.
Use your time wisely!
Impact someone's life!
Don't waste a single minute!!!
So the man at lunch,
God used him as a blessing to us, to remind us to be a blessing to others.
All because Ashley said the blessing.
What a blessing!!

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