Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Five

Well it's the last Friday of 2012!
How are you spending it?!
Obviously I'm not doing much...just being lazy and then working later.
But here are five things I'm loving today:

Hue corduroy leggings!!!!
I've always seen these at Belk but never really thought about buying any. But on Wednesday, they were on sale for a really good price, so my mom and I decided to buy some to try them out. They are by far the best pants ((BESIDES VS SWEATPANTS OR YOGA PANTS)) I've ever owned. They are super comfortable but look dressy. They're perfect. I actually thought about doing a whole blog post just about these because I love them so much.
Last winter, I didn't really ever wear pants because I wanted to wear boots all the time and skinny jeans aren't that comfortable to me. So I wore leggings all the time but it was hard to have enough shirts that were long enough to wear with leggings so that was a problem.
The awesome thing about these is that they are thick and have POCKETS on the back! So you don't have to have a long shirt with them. They look like regular pants, but they fit and feel like leggings.
(I want a pair in ever color.)

Elvis Christmas music!
I like to listen to Christmas music all year, but I especially have to during Christmas and in the days after. I honestly suffer from post-Christmas depression every year, and always have, and the BEST thing for that is Elvis Christmas music.

Our Christmas tree!
Yes, it's still up and will be for a while. I adore the smell of Christmas trees, and I do firmly believe that decorations should stay up until AT LEAST New Year's Day (but preferably later because January is just so boring and gloomy).

Pink Chiffon lotion from Bath & Body Works.
I didn't like this stuff when I first smelled it, but one of my mom's students gave her some of the shower gel for Christmas, and I smelled it again and fell in love with it. So while me and Ashley were out shopping the semi-annual sale at Bath & Body, I got a little bottle to keep in my purse.
Kathie Lee and Hoda!!
I absolutely love their show, and this morning they showed a montage of their "best of 2012."
I just love them.
That's all.
Hope everyone enjoys the last Friday of 2012!

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