Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thankfulness Part 2

Day 22: I'm so thankful for all the Thanksgivings we got to spend with Grandma. They were SO special. Also just as thankful for all of the Thanksgiving lunches we get to have with Granny!
Day 23: I'm thankful for clean, running water. That's something we really take for granted here because sometimes we forget that people in other places don't have it. It's the little things!
Day 24: Thankful for THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!! And what it REALLY MEANS!! [[ "Jesus is the reason for the season" ]] ♥ Also thankful for so many wonderful Christmas memories, and memories yet to be made!!
Day 25: Thankful for a nice long Thanksgiving weekend - lots of time with friends and family, an HPU basketball game, catching up, great food, the best shopping trips ever, an ECU football game, a Wake Forest football game, an awesome concert, MUDDIN, and BARNES AND NOBLE!!!
Day 26: I'm so thankful for Daddy! He's been a wonderful father to me, Ashley, and Michael. He always made sure to read us Bible stories when we were little and still makes sure that we are walking right with the Lord. He is very strong and determined and always puts family first. He always reminds us how much he loves us. I am so thankful to have been blessed with such a wonderful father and godly role model!

Day 27: I'm so thankful for this sweet little angel named Honeygirl. She has been such a JOY to our family. She's so funny and smart and sweet and cuddly. We walk together every day and spend quality time. I love her soooo much and honestly think she's the best dog ever!! They say pets are therapeutic and Honeygirl is the perfect example of that. When life is crazy, I just look at her and realize how carefree she is and everything makes a little more sense. :)

Day 28: I'm so thankful for Grandma and all the years I got to spend getting to know her and spend time with her. She was an amazing person and such a fantastic role model. I miss her SO much at Christmas, but all I have to do is think about all the good times we had together, and I'm SO grateful.

Day 29: I'm thankful for my sidekick, my partner in crime, my built-in best friend, my mini-me, my favorite 13-year-old - the adorable Ashley! When I was about 6 years old I started praying for a little sister. When I was ten years old I finally got my wish! God sent us Ashley. It was fun having a baby around, but now she's a best friend to me. She goes everywhere with me, and always makes every situation fun and hilarious. And she gives really good advice for a 13-year-old! Don't know what I'd do without her. I'm so grateful for my sister!

 Day 30: I'm thankful for Elvis and the legacy and music he left behind!

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