Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

Well today was the first FULL sunny day we've had since...I don't remember when.  The past week and a half has been HORRIBLE, weather-wise, and for other reasons (I'll go into that on another day haha).  But today, man.  At about 8:30 this morning the sun came out and it was such a beautiful morning.  I decided to walk to the campus doctor from my class instead of drive, even though I have a swollen cankle (which is why I was going to the doctor).  I got some anti-inflammatory medicine and they don't know why my ankle's been swollen for like a month.  Oh well.  Then I took Honeygirl on a nice long walk since it was so nice out.  We have so much fun together.  Then I took a nice long nap.  THEN I went to the pool.  It's sooo nice to be able to go to the pool in late September.  If I had it my way, winter would never come.  I like fall weather, but I think that 80-degree days should be mixed in there too so that I can go to the pool all throughout the year.  I went to church tonight, and that's always nice.  I help out with the youth, specifically middle school girls (if you didn't already know).  And I also got to see my long lost buddy Ashley Bondurant tonight! She goes to HPU now, so hopefully this will be a more frequent thing!

So there's my is really weird right now, and I'm overwhelmed.  But I can be thankful for the things I was able to do today, and as long as I can be thankful, things will get better.

I'm also planning on posting a "song of the day" every day.  Today, I feel like it would be most appropriate if I posted the song that the title of my blog came from.  Enjoy :)

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