Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I'm up at 2 am and the weather is so cool outside and I'm just thinking about things...realizing that a lot of the things I freak out about don't matter and that what really matters are family and friends and GOD and making sure that my relationships with all of them are strong.  Especially my relationship with my Savior.

I'm also thinking about how Ashley and I complained a lot today and acted so bored and when we finally went to the pool we still acted unhappy, but as I was laying there in the sun, I was thinking, "Tomorrow, or even in a few hours, it won't matter that we didn't get to the pool as early as we wanted to today, or that the pool isn't playing the kind of music I want to listen to. What will matter is that we had fun together on a summer day" (once we finally stopped complaining and got out of the house). 

In everything we do, we are creating memories.  That's why I try so hard to make everything perfect, but that's the thing.  Things are NOT going to be perfect all the time! In fact, there are so many wonderful and priceless memories that are made when things don't go as planned, or things don't turn out perfectly.  I think that's kind of what the pastor at Impact was saying on Saturday night.  God has EVERYTHING under control, and yes we need to pray and read our Bibles, but other than that, we DON'T NEED TO WORRY!!!! He does not want us to worry. 

Lesson learned today: Stop complaining, stop worrying.  Don't get angry if I can't cram 1,000 things in a day, and just ENJOY each moment for what it is.  I know for a fact that in the years to come, it won't matter whether I got to the pool in time to work on my tan.  What will matter is that I spent quality time with the sister that I prayed for for years when I was little because I wanted someone to do things with, like go to the pool. <3


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