Wednesday, October 2, 2013


October is upon us!
It's the month of leaves changing,
hot drinks, leaves, cool air
fall candles,
all that good stuff.
October always overwhelms me with all of its magic, potential, and glory.
October is like the perfect showcase of God's perfect creation.
Today I wore pink pants for breast cancer awareness and my favorite fuzzy orange cardigan because it just screams October. I was excited to see the leaves changing in Boone.
I think it's safe to say that a lot of people share my love of this glorious month, judging by all the Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts I saw today, celebrating the day.
Another reason why I love October, too, is because it's my birthday month!
(My birthday is the day before Halloween and I'll be 25 this year... that terrrrifies me.)

I'm currently enjoying my new candy corn PJ pants and B&BW pumpkin lotion while working on homework and catching up on blogs.
For dinner, Kacie, Stephanie, Michael and I went to Cracker Barrel.  All of the fall/Halloween candy, candles, and decorations were fabulously overwhelming in the best way possible. Perfect way to celebrate the first day of October!

And I've been using these soaps from B&BW that smell fantastic ... I think these are the best they've ever had.
October nails...
And these are two of my favorite posts I saw on Instagram today:


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