Monday, March 17, 2014

Why I Love Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Today, I saw so many people in green shirts, jackets, pants, nail polish, with green phone cases, etc.
I got to thinking about all the reasons why I love green. For a fun post, I'm gonna list them.
[[my St. Patty's Day attire today]]
1. I love green because it's the color of life. New life, especially. It reminds me of spring, grass, flowers, plants, palm trees, Christmas trees, pineapple leaves, and being made new in Christ.
2. Green is a Christmas color!
3. Green (OLIVE, to be exact) is an Alpha Chi Omega color (along with SCARLET).
4. I've always been obsessed with the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz
5. Green is the color of salad, green beans, cabbage, peas, Granny Smith apples, Mountain Dew, key lime pie, and mints.
6. Green is my high school's color.
7. My puppy's name is Emerald Anastasia, but we call her Emery.
8. Green is the color of recycling.
9. Green is pretty neutral and calm. And fresh.
10. The emerald has always been one of my favorite gems.
11. Green goes well with PINK!
12. Mint green is one of the classiest colors around.
Thanks for reading this mostly useless but entertaining list!

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