Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This Past Weekend

On Friday night, there was an art crawl in downtown Boone. I met up with my friends from Bible study and New Life as we went in the stores and looked at the art and shopped a bit. The stores stayed open hours past closing time for the occasion. I ended up buying one of the rings that I like to call "awkward rings." I wear it on my middle finger, but when it gets too awkward, it can easily fit on my pinky! :) 

After art crawl, a lot of us went back to Catalina's for a bonfire. It was so nice to be in the mountains on a cool spring night with a warm fire, looking out into the distance at the huge, still, majestic mountains against the starry sky. 

After the fire, Grace and I hung out with Kacie and watched the first few episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Netflix. Guilty pleasure!!

On Saturday morning, many of my friends graduated from HPU! I'm so proud of all of them! 

Also on Saturday was the Kernersville Spring Folly. There were rides, vendors, and yummy food. I got to see some friends I hadn't seen in a while, including Jolina!!! (She also let me finish her funnel cake.)

On Saturday night, my dad took me and Ashley to the HPU baseball game. HPU baseball has always been me and my dad's thing. Both alumni of the school, we love going and cheering for the team! 
Precious Daddy-daughter time <3

Later that evening, Alex, Sarah, and I saw the movie The Other Woman. I laughed so loud and hard. It's a very serious but hilarious movie. I really respect a movie that can have a serious issue as part of the plot but still remain lighthearted. Laughter is good for the soul. It was a good girls' night.

On Sunday, I had church and then Zach and I took Emery to her second training class at Petsmart. Emery is doing well in her class! She has gotten into soooo much mischief lately, though! I can't wait to share on here about some of her crazy adventures. 

We had a nice family lunch/dinner after Emery's class. The Greek Orthodox church in HP has a spaghetti dinner every so often, and the spaghetti is SO GOOD. Like crazy good. 

Ashley and I got to meet up with Angela- a friend I haven't seen since Christmas! We did some shopping and then took Angela to meet Emery. Unfortunately, Angela's first impression of Emery involved Emery finding a dead rat in the yard and eating it... It was really good to catch up with Angela though!!

Ashley B and I celebrated her graduation from HPU with a good ole Moose Cafe dinner. We actually met and became friends at Moose Cafe back in 2007 when I first started working there! We've both come and gone and are both back there working part time. Very funny how that worked out (if I could put an emoji in here I would use the laughing-til-crying emoji). 

After dinner with Ashley, I met up with Sarum and Jolina and Margaret for some Sweet Frog! I didn't realize Sweet Frog was a Christian business. That kinda made me happy. 


My sister and I ended our weekend with some good ole teeth-brushing and trick practicing with Em. After eating that rat, a good mouth cleansing was in order. Good thing the Easter bunny brought toothpaste in her Easter basket!!!
So that's what I was up to this weekend!

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