Wednesday, April 6, 2016


A text I sent my brother, after I left Boone Saturday night, about my evening on Saturday, which consisted of Taylor's a capella concert:

" I couldn't get my acapella ticket online bc the site kept glitching and then I tried to call and get my ticket and the office was closed and I had to run a bunch of errands and I was still in yoga pants and a tshirt at 6:30 with nowhere to change and no ticket and the show started at 7 and I went to two academic bldgs and they were locked and so I wasn't even gonna go to the show and I was upset bc I saw our old apartment when I went to goodwill and got really sad missing it but I went to the arts center and went in w my clothes to change into and found that they were still selling tickets But when I got up to the booth to buy a ticket an asu police officer came right out the door and straight up to me and said "do you need a ticket? A lady just gave me one and told me she bought one too many" 

It was like perfect timing. Every time I've doubted God lately it's like he shows me right after that he's going to provide for me. Even in small ways like that. So he definitely will take care of the big things!! "

I also told my friend Leanna about it and said:

"It's almost like I was doubting God and his provision earlier because I was asking him why can't I still live in Boone and doubting if I'm going to have enough money and just doubting everything and then that happened and it's like he was saying "I'm going to provide for you. Calm down!" "

God has got this. He is going to take care of me, even in the waiting and even when it's hard. And His little reminders of that are the best. Something as simple as a free a capella concert ticket in the midst of a hormonal breakdown can be the biggest beacon of hope. It's not that I didn't have the money for the ticket. It was the principle of it. It was like God was reminding me, "I'm here. It's all gonna be okay."

I just thought that was really cool.

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