Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Filled to Be Emptied Again

It's so hard when something unexpected happens that just kind of rocks your world. Especially when things are great and you've been on the nountaintop. But it's also hard to HAVE to rely on God when you're on the mountaintop, so you have to go through valleys.

Last night on the radio, I heard the best reminder at the best time:

"God may not be allowing you to go through this as punishment, but because He knows you will be able to help others through the same kind of situation if you have gone through it yourself. He is using you to help others."

That's how I've always tried to see my challenges, and if just one person can benefit from my trials, then I can count it worth it (not always as easily as I say this. Most things are easier said than done!)
Because let's be honest, when things are hard, I use writing as therapy and cling to Jesus just a little more than usual. I read my Bible more and get my fanny into the prayer closet more often and pray a little harder. I'm more on fire when I'm going THROUGH fire, and He knows that, and He knows others can see my passion more during these times.

It still really stinks to go through tough stuff, but if there's any sort of good outcome from my trials, and others can benefit, I can have more peace.

He constantly fills me to be emptied again.
Emptied: Pouring out what He has done in my heart and telling others how He has sustained me through everything so that others can learn/receive/benefit

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