Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas, Week 4

I'm FINALLY getting around to posting about week four of Christmas.  Things have been sooo busy.  But it's only January 18th...Christmas was only three and a half weeks ago haha.

Sunday, December 18th
-Libby Hill Christmas party!!!

-Christmas shopping and looking up crazy names in baby name books at Barnes & Noble with Ashley, Alex, and Chanelle

Monday, December 19th
-Chanelle and I served lunch at the Open Door Ministries shelter. Such a blessing.

Tuesday, December 20th
-First annual Christmas craft party with my friends!!

 bows I made
 Ale made a wreath!
 watching Ale use her cool monogramming machine
I made an ornament!

-Later, Zach and I went to Kepleys, then headed over to Chanelle's where we made cookies and watched old school Rudolph and Mickey's Christmas Carol with my brother, Katie, and Carmen.

Wednesday, December 21st
-I went over to Brooke's to make my pillowcases for my family for Christmas gifts.
-Later that night, a group of us went to the Tanglewood Festival of Lights in Clemmons, NC- Zach, Chanelle, Alex, Melissa, my sister, Sarum, his daughter Jolina, and me. In addition to the lights, they also had a craft fair set up in the barn on the property.  They had the cutest handmade jewelry, scarves, bows, etc.  WE LOVE TANGLEWOOD!!!

-After Tanglewood, we ate a late dinner at Denny's in Kernersville.

Thursday, December 22nd
-Went to Granny's and made cookies that night

Friday, December 23rd
-Did some service with Chanelle during the day
-Worked at night
-After work, did some late night shopping with Ashley and Zach at my favorite stores - Target and Belk
-Later, watched Home Alone 2 with Chanelle

Saturday, December 24th
-On Christmas Eve, I worked til 4...
-Then my family went to the Christmas Eve service at church.  I love the Christmas Eve service so much, especially lighting the candles and singing at the end.  I've always loved that.  And seeing everyone dressed in Christmas colors :)
-After the service, we went to my aunt's house just like we've always done. 
-We had to take Granny home from my aunt's that night, so we stayed at her house for a little while and played Christmas songs on her old organ.  I love playing the organ (I took piano lessons for about 8 years).
-Later that night, Zach and I exchanged gifts.  He got me a Vera Bradley in my FAVORITE pattern, and lots of other great stuff.

Sunday, December 25th
-Christmas Day!
-Of course, we unwrapped gifts in the morning.  My brother actually went out and picked out gifts for me and my sister, which was a first hahah (he usually just goes with my mom and lets her pick).  He got me and my sister some stuff from Bath & Body Works, which of course, I love.  Santa brought me some great boots, an HPU sweatshirt, and other stuff.  My sister got me some new pearl earrings and a bracelet from the shop at Tanglewood! She's so thoughtful for a 12 year old haha.  And she got the American Girl doll she had been wanting so much!!

-Ashley wrote us all the sweetest little cards ^^^^^
-For lunch, we went to Granny's as usual, and ate and unwrapped gifts with my aunt, uncles, and cousins. 
-Zach and I went to Sheetz after lunch because they were giving away free cups of coffee :)
-Since we didn't have any dinner plans this year ( :[ ), we just hung out until my mom drove us around to look at lights.  We got food from Burger King because it was the only place open haha

Overall, it was a WONDERFUL Christmas, and I decided after this year that I'm going to have a little bit of Christmas everyday, somehow :)


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