Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Little Help, Please!

So my BFF Chanelle Tyson is a wonderful writer, and a while back she wrote an awesome script. She is now living out the dream of a lifetime in Los Angeles by turning this script into a MOVIE! It's a film called Virgins for Life and it is about high school students who are dedicated to keeping their purity until marriage.  This film is really important to me because I am a firm believer in the fact that true love waits.  Chanelle and I and some of our other friends have had many conversations on this topic throughout the years, and Chanelle wanted to make a movie to share our beliefs with the world. 

[[If you want to know more about the film, here is the website:]]

And here are the links to the two trailers:

The movie is going to be so funny - full of jokes and wisecracks.  I LOVE comedies.  But it has also has a deeper meaning and lesson. And the cast looks INCREDIBLE. I personally know one of the lead actresses, Nina Concepcion, and she is awesome. So funny. I absolutely cannot wait to see this movie, and hope to be in Los Angeles for part of the filming.

Speaking of filming, the filming can only continue if Chanelle and her crew get more donations! It does take lots of money to make a movie, unfortunately. So if you want to donate some money to a good cause, even if it's a dollar, please visit this website. It would mean so much to all of us!!!

There really aren't enough Christian films out there that are mainstreamed and shown alongside secular films. Christian films do not get the attention or respect that they deserve, and that is an issue that we would like to work on. Please help us to reach our goals!

Thank you so much!

Nina Concepcion and Robert Watkins, two of the lead actors


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