Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hard to Imagine Life Without This ... Boone, Part 3

This past year in Boone through Instagram photos, continued!
With it being my last week in Boone, I just feel like there's a storm in me that won't calm down - I knew it would be really hard to leave, so I've been mentally preparing myself. But after living the college life for so long and then living this past year in Boone, going back and forth between Boone and HP, it's so hard to imagine life any other way now. It seems like it should just be this way forever. And who knows? It might in the future when I get my mountain home! But for now, leaving Boone as my more permanent setting is just heartwrenching!
I'm so happy for the memories I've made in this "safe haven," as I now refer to it as. :)

More to come...

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