Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Last Monday / JUNE / Chicken Spaghetti

Yesterday was the last Monday of classes!

Honestly, it's surreal that my first year of teaching is coming to an end. This school year has really flown by. It makes me feel really good. The first year is the hardest, they say, and I've almost completed mine.

Of course, all the end-of-year duties and tying up loose ends with classes has frazzled me, but nothing I can't handle. 

Yesterday was June FIRST, and that's one of my favorite days of the year because June is probably my favorite month of the year. June, October, and December.
But oh, how I love June. Summer starts. Vacations and camps happen. It's just a REALLY relaxing month. Always has been. I love summer and June is the beginning of a nice, relaxing summer.

Yesterday was the first day of my friend Litsa owning her family's restaurant, Jimmy's Pizza. So me and Margaret went for dinner. We had chicken parmesan spaghetti and oh my word.
It was so good.

Go eat at Jimmy's!!!!!!!

Here's to a good and productive rest of the week!


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