Saturday, January 23, 2016

"The Girls are Back in Town" Holiday Weekend

Well, the Blizzard of 2016 has pretty much wiped out my weekend this weekend, but thankfully last weekend was so great that it doesn't matter too much.

Last weekend was stellar. Not only was it a long holiday weekend, but a few of my best friends that live out of town came in for the weekend. 

On Friday evening, Grace came in from the coast to spend the weekend in Gboro for a conference. I got to spend some quality time having coffee with her in her peaceful hotel lobby as we caught up and just had a precious, wonderful time talking about the future and The Lord and sharing bits of fears and encouragement and faith. I cherished the time so much, especially since Grace is going to be studying abroad in Australia for the next few months and I won't get to see her!

On Saturday, Leanna (bride-to-be) came from VA and Elyse (bridesmaid) from Charlotte. We had a wonderful lunch at Olive Garden, followed by a trip to the mall to try on bridesmaid dresses and shoes. Maxie B's was next in order of business (one of the best bakeries in the area) for cake and more catching up and heart-to-hearts. We had Potbelly's for dinner (my first time experiencing what I later learned is a popular sandwich chain up north). It was a lovely day and made me feel so grateful.
I'm SO stoked to be such a huge part of Leanna's big day and so happy that she found a wonderful guy to spend the rest of her life with. 

That evening, my sister, Sarah, Grace, and I had coffee at Caribou and more hotel lobby/heart-to-heart time (I was blessed with so much of that this weekend!). It was so relaxing and I soaked it all in with gratitude. 

Sunday was January 17th. 
(January 17th is always a pretty hard day. On January 17th, 2010, my brother's best friend passed away. They were seniors in high school. Some of the darkest days of our lives followed. And on January 17th of 2014, the little beagle that we had loved and cherished for 13 years passed away, leaving us distraught. It was like the day was cursed, and I decided I hated January 17th forever.)

But this January 17th was good.
I spent quality time cuddling Emery and snapping pictures of her in the light dusting of snow that fell that morning. 
I was a part of the TLC show My Big Fat Fabulous Life as an extra for the first time, at the dance studio I went to as a kid - Greensboro Dance Theatre. That's all I'm gonna say about that for now, but when I say I'm "excited" about this new opportunity, that's a huge understatement.
(Stay tuned!)

Monday consisted of a lot of good food (including discounted doughnuts from KK) and a good gym session.

Last weekend was JUST what I needed before life gets super crazy. :)



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