Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm Crazy

There are two times in the year where I'm much more emotional and nostalgic than others. One time is around May, when school years are ending and people are graduating and moving on in life. The other is late October through Christmas, but especially November and December. 

Y'all know I love Belk's. I love their clothes and shoes and bedding and jewelry and their awesome sales. I love Belk especially at Christmas when it's all decorated and I'm buying Christmasy clothes or gifts for people. 

It has occurred to me that this will be my last Christmas to enjoy the Oak Hollow Mall Belk. :(

People keep asking me if I'm excited for the new Belk store. 

"It'll be so close to you!"
"It's gonna be bigger and better!"
"They'll have more inventory at this one!"

No, I am not excited.
I do not like change.
I do not care as much about the inventory and the convenience of the new one as I do about the memories and the comfort of the old one. 

The one at Oak Hollow Mall is the one that me and Grandma always went to before my birthday and before Christmas and just...all the time. It's comforting to me because of that. And because it's been there since I was 6, and that's just where we always go. That's the one I'm used to. I like the layout. I love the memories I've made there, shopping with friends and family.

If I wanna go to a larger Belk's with more stuff, I go to Winston or Burlington or Durham!!! 

I'm sure I'll get used to the new one in time, but for now, no, I am not excited about it. 

(I am, however, excited about the holiday 3-pack of eos lipgloss Ashley and I purchased at Target the other day. They are the most amazing things ever and I'm totally obsessed.)

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