Thursday, December 12, 2013

All These Things and More

These pictures are in no particular order, but these are some of the fun Christmas things I've been up to over the past couple of weeks!


Tonight we made stockings!
The stockings are like $1.00 at Hobby Lobby and $1.00 for a pack of two at the dollar store.

Grace and I made wreaths and other Pinterest-inspired Christmas crafts a few weeks ago!

Wreath on my door ^^
Wreath on my brother's door ^^

Ornament I made :)
Close-up of our tree in the apartment. Our initials!
CHRISTMAS TREE IN OUR APARTMENT! We had so much fun decorating it.
(Note the decoration on Kacie's door!)
It wouldn't be Christmas without a red glittery bow on the front of the Black Pearl!

Oh, and Honeygirl got a Christmas tutu...

and we went to the Jamestown Christmas parade. She loved it. 
High Point Christmas parade in my snazzy red pea coat.
Family Christmas kickoff party, matchy-matchy with Jonathan.
Getting our tree for our apartment! We got it at a little tree lot run by the Boone Boy Scouts!

Getting my little tree for my room at home - always a tradition.

All decorated!

Grinch nails.

Adorable tree that gives off the sweetest light in my room in Boone. Ten bucks at Walmart, ten bucks well-spent!

Tis the season for Christmas bows...

And final papers.
(But doing homework at McDonald's made it more bearable)

Aaaaand... No Christmas season is right without a visit to Tanglewood Festival of Lights!!
More festive-ness coming soon!


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