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Where Have All the Good Men Gone? - Part 1 - #TFM

They haven't gone anywhere.
There are still good men out there, just not as many.
They are being overrun by guys like the ones that write for the website "Total Frat Move." This site has angered me dozens of times over the past few years, just seeing articles that friends share from the site. For undergrad, I went to a university where there was a very strong emphasis on Greek life, and almost everyone was in a fraternity or a sorority. I was in a sorority myself and am still very actively involved. I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is the TFM crap.
Fraternities were originated to raise gentlemen who contributed GOOD things to society. Let's face the facts, that's not always the case anymore.
Where's this anger coming from?? An article one of my friends just shared from Total Frat Move about why women shouldn't wear high-waisted jean shorts. I'm not gonna go to the trouble to post the article here, but you're more than welcome to look it up. Just hope your computer doesn't get a Total Sexist Move virus from opening the site.
Anyways, this guy decided he needed to let women know that high-waisted shorts aren't attractive on them and AS WOMEN WE NEED TO WEAR WHAT MAKES US ATTRACTIVE TO MEN, right?!?!?!?!?!? He's such a pig in the article, talking about women as if they're sex objects and all that matters about their clothing is that it makes him want them. THANKS MAN BUT I DON'T WANT A GUY LIKE YOU AT ALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!
I guess what he's trying to say is that if you want a misogynist who only cares about sex and doesn't respect you at all, then GIRL DON'T WEAR THEM HIGH WAISTED JEANS!
I mean, duh! Where have I been, geeze??!
 I shouldn't be so mean; obviously he's got the wrong idea and thinks he's right because he's never been enlightened with the truth. So I feel sorry for him, really.
The truth is, dressing modestly will attract the RIGHT kind of guys. If you want a nut like this guy, then by all means, follow his advice. But if you want a guy that will respect you, then remember that "modest is hottest." Wear what makes you comfortable because when you're comfortable, your wonderful personality will shine through and that's what a guy should be attracted to first -- your heart and your soul and your personality. Of course physical attraction has to be there, but it'll be a cold day you-know-where when I start making myself look a certain way to attract a guy.
I've been accused of not knowing what I want. Okay. But I DO know what I DON'T want, and that's a cocky, self-righteous, entitled, sexist, disrespectful Total Frat Move guy.

It's really important to know what you don't want. I posted a status a few weeks ago about not settling for guys like this, and maybe once they see you won't settle, they will shape up. At least we hope -- it'd be really sad and lonely to live your whole life as a TFM guy.

***This wasn't meant SOLELY for ranting and putting TFM on blast, but also in hopes that someone that needs to see this sees it and it makes some kind of a difference.




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