Thursday, July 31, 2014

Boone, Part Two [[ Emotions Running High ]]

By now everyone knows how much of a complete mess I am about moving back to HP from Boone. When I left Boone on Sunday, I cried for about 45 minutes as I drove home, down the mountain, under the heavy clouds. The sobering thought that when I came back, I'd be packing my bedroom up literally made me sick. I felt a deep sadness just gripping and overwhelming me.
 At this time last year, I was very apprehensive to move to Boone. I'd made the decision to live in Boone for my second year at App, but right before it was time to move into our apartment for the school year, I was second guessing myself. I was worried I'd be homesick. I had only lived at home because going to HPU, it just didn't seem necessary to spend $40,000 extra to live on campus when the school was right up the street from my parents' house. After graduating, though, I felt like I needed to live away from home and see what else the world had to offer. I wanted to live in a different town and see what God could do in my life away from home. I knew it'd be great, but I had no earthly idea just how inexplicably wonderful it would be.
Over the past few weeks, I've been reflecting over the past year and the sweet, precious memories (especially from last fall) have seemed like just yesterday. I decided to write a series of posts using my Instagram photos as the main content since they already have captions on them and it's just so easy to just slip back in time when I look at them. When I see them, I think about how far God has brought me and orchestrated everything over the past year, and how much fun I've had and all the friends and memories I've made.
*** "Thankful" doesn't begin to describe this feeling. ***

So if you wish, glance over these pictures and enjoy the first part of reflecting over the past year of my life with me, starting with me, my brother, and Kacie living at the Sleep Inn last August because our apartment building wasn't done being built!
























...To be continued


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