Wednesday, July 2, 2014

VBS, Photo Shoot, and Mimi Kirkland

Let's see, what have I been up to?
Well last week was Vacation Bible School at church. I always look forward to and enjoy VBS. I started going to VBS myself when I was three years old and ever since then it's been a very special week out of the year for me. Once I was too old to go to VBS, I started helping out in Ashley's classes and that's when it really became fulfilling for me. It was a ton of fun as a kid myself, but to be older and see the kids enjoy it and grow is just priceless :)
This year I helped with 3rd-5th grade music and got to teach the songs and dances to the kids! It was lots of fun. (This is also the last picture I have of the sanctuary the way it was - it's being renovated right now!)

On Friday, we attempted to take sibling pictures for my parents' anniversary. We do this every two years. It was really hot and Emery was very uncooperative, so we will try again soon. But here's my favorite "candid" - and thank you to Taylor for being patient and taking the pics for us! I'll post more of them soon.

On SATURDAY, Sarah, Ashley, and I drove down to Southport because Mimi Kirkland from Safe Haven was doing a meet-and-greet at the visitor's center/museum. As we were rushing in in the rain, we ran into Trent and Josh because they'd stopped in SP on their way to the beach. They didn't know about Mimi being in town (haha) but decided to come with us to meet her. How wonderful!

Mimi was so polite, sweet, and adorable. She signed my purse and Ashley's purse and I gave her some Croakie Dokies and a Port Southern hat. I was so happy to meet her! I just love her in Safe Haven - I told her Sarah and I watch it over and over because of her (is that creepy?)

Mimi even did some advertising for us and gave me a shout-out on Twitter and Instagram! What a great kid! I can't wait to see where her career takes her!

The weather cleared up for us to go out on the beach at Oak Island right after dinner (at Fishy Fishy) as the sun was setting. It was beautiful! We had a wonderful day and I cannot wait to be back on the coast soon!


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