Thursday, November 27, 2014


It's very very early on Thanksgiving morning - about 2am.

Thanksgiving week is probably one of my favorite weeks out of the year, if not my favorite. There's an excitement and anticipation in the air. The crusty brown leaves that are left over are blowing around outside and the temperature is usually really awesome (welcome to the South) and you only have to work Monday and Tuesday and your friends are in town and you do fun things like get coffee and go to movies and laugh your head off. You spend time with your family and all seems right with the world.

Thinking back on past years and reading posts from past Thanksgiving weeks, this has always been a wonderful week, no matter what. It's just always so magical. Christmas is basically here. People are decorating and shopping and Christmas music is on the radio but at the same time it's Thanksgiving. And Thanksgiving is great because you still have all of the Christmas season to look forward to. It's a time of reflection and thankfulness and a Christmas season official kickoff.

This Thanksgiving we will be missing a spot at the family table, with it being the first without my uncle. That's gonna be weird and hard, and quieter and not as funny. But I'm thankful for all the time we did have with him and the laughs and kindness that I think of when I think of him. I thank God for the blessing he was to so many people and that I will see him again one day in Glory, and laugh with him once again.

We will also be missing a little Beagle that sure did love Thanksgiving. But I thank God I knew such a precious creature and had the privilege of giving her a happy life. And that I will see her running in fields of gold in a red tutu one day.

And every day will feel like Thanksgiving.

Lots of things have changed since last Thanksgiving. We've gone through loss and chapters have ended and new ones have begun. But there's still so much to be thankful for. Life is a precious gift. Family and friends are precious gifts. God's grace is a precious gift.

My heart is full of gratitude and anticipation and love and content-ness.

And if any of this didn't make sense, I blame it on the fact that earlier this evening, I passed out and hit the floor and probably jarred some brain cells. That's what dehydration (and stress) will do to you. Drink your fluids!



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